Kalon Hart – “I Think You Know” – permeates and lodges itself inside the brain

Kalon Hart – “I Think You Know” – permeates and lodges itself inside the brain

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Born Rob Teehan in his homeland of Toronto, Canada, Kalon Hart spends most of his time writing music for film and TV, without though, forgetting his singer-songwriting skills which are amply put on display in his debut album “Love Is Surrender”.  Kalon recently dropped a video clip for the track, “I Think You Know”, which is taken off the aforementioned project. The song, which is about allowing one’s self to let go of emotional burdens, is translated into eloquent moving pictures, and stars Mitch Levene, and the award winning actress and filmmaker, Bridie Latona. Latona who resides in Los Angeles, is the recipient of both Best Actress Award at London’s Rob Knox Film Festival, and Best Actress at the Warner Bros. New Filmmakers Awards.

Bridie Latona

In a seemingly indefinite era of sonic noise, a man who gets it, is Kalon Hart. His latest track, “I Think You Know”, proves to be a very, very rewarding experience. And the song, while not immediately bursting with exuberance, does in fact possess an incredible sneaky melodic sense that eventually permeates and lodges itself inside the brain.

Clever and crafty, there is some truly devastating lyrical wordplay. Kalon Hart certainly has the gift. The song ranges from sad and poignant, to empowering and uplifting, as it moves through its narrative, taking you along for the ride. Isn’t that what great music is about?

“I Think You Know” really makes you reflect on how things are in your life, and if that doesn’t speak to how powerful the music is then I don’t know what does. Kalon isn’t out to make a chart-topping toe-tapper with this one, as he leans toward being thoughtful and nuanced.

Clearly the songwriter’s craft is as sharp as to cut through the thickest, most difficult emotionally intense subjects. Here Kalon proves himself a master of detail, squeezing out the specifics to create character-rich lyrical vignettes which examine intimate human traits on both a macro and micro level. The power of specificity is highlighted poignantly throughout the song

The album cover artwork

Kalon Hart almost certainly draws his lyrical inspiration from his own life experiences – healing from emotional wounds, warding off depression and a sense of unworthiness, are all elements he has encountered along his pathway, to what he calls a spiritual healing.

Rarely does music this honest, insightful and touching come along, in the current climate. Kalon’s brand of indie folk harks back to the great singer-songwriter era. A time when inquiring souls seemed sublimely candid; when lyrical brilliance and melodic tunes combined into an addictive combination. And gorgeous, impacting voices captivated your attention.

Kalon Hart goes to very real places for inspiration, and “I Think You Know” is all the better for it. Kalon Hart may be one of the few working singer-songwriters in the indie-folk world who is worthy of any hype surrounding him.


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