Kbzzy Tha Representa unleashes his latest release ‘Kickin Back’

Kbzzy Tha Representa unleashes his latest release ‘Kickin Back’

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Kbzzy (pronounced K.-beezy) Tha Representa is an independent artist/songwriter based in Houston Texas. Emerging from the underground scene he has toured regularly throughout Texas. With his latest Single, “Kickin Back”, climbing the Spotify charts, he’s back in the studio working constantly.

“I’m more focused on my craft rather than the numbers. Because numbers don’t get rusty,” says Kbzzy. He’s appeared with established artist across the stage and shared his music story on StreetFlava TV. Stay on the lookout for his upcoming EP “HeIsMe”.

If you found yourself missing that timeless, Houston sound, championed by the likes of Pimp C, Lil Keke, and Z-ro, this is the perfect record for you. Although, he hails from Houston, Texas, rapper, Kbzzy Tha Representa, is paying homage to the state of Texas, with his latest, “Kickin Back”.







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