King Anis Debut Single “It’s Alright”

King Anis Debut Single “It’s Alright”

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Indonesian Singer, songwriter, and producer King Anis has just dropped his debut single “It’s Alright”. The 21 year old, who’s based in Melbourne, Australia recorded his new single whilst finishing his studies. Now firmly grounded in Australia, King Anis has set to develop his music career from OZ.

“It’s Alright” is a fun and upbeat number which reflects the artist’s lifestyle of glamorous fashion, expensive foods, drinks and being pampered by butlers and bodyguards.

Not shy to boast about his good fortune, King Anis uses this song and music video to represent his self-love, confidence, and free-spirit. This is highlighted in his music video by wearing Versace set robes and a crown box; which shows the combination of fun and classy style, and also reinforces that single life image.

Using ‘King’ as his alter ego, “It’s Alright” includes lyrics such as “Money Fix My Problem, No Wife, No Kids No Problem”, and is designed to be the anthem for single people.

“I want to create an anthem for MYSELF and other people who feel lonely during their single life”King Anis

The song itself includes some modern pop elements not dissimilar to the likes of Bruno Mars etc, with a catchy feel to it. The video is also well produced, and compliments the song really well. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel, the overall message King Anis wants to convey with “It’s Alright”, is to be happy, proud, and enjoy single life. He also explains that anything is possible if one works hard, and you can achieve wealth and success by yourself without a wife/girlfriend/partner.

King Anis is from a wealthy Indonesian family who run a successful business. His friends and peers expected him to naturally follow his family footsteps, but in a shock turn he’s set his sights on his music career.

Listen on Spotify. You can watch “It’s Alright” here.

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