Lachi: “The Boss EP” – tantalizing dance-pop music

Lachi: “The Boss EP” – tantalizing dance-pop music

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Trend Def will be releasing The Boss EP by,NYC’s Songstress Lachi, through its global Sony Music Distribution Imprint on June 23rd. Lachi will then follow up the release with an EP-Release show at the renowned Mercury Lounge in New York’s hopping Lower East Side on the 28th of June. Boston’s buzzing Electronic/Hip-Hop Lyrical Nerd Jprizm will open up the night with Intellectual Rap to start the show, making for a night of elegant and empowering Urban and Pop music.

The Ep cover
The Ep cover

Not only is Lachi’s voice at the forefront of this EP, but she also brings her club thumping bangers onto the record like “Champion” and “Boss”. Lachi’s vocal gift is an intense affair though, and you can practically feel her energetic dance-pop charm as she belts out “What It Feels Like”.

The Boss EP is a good and solid recording. It’s everything a Lachi fan could ask for. And for those who aren’t fans, they will most likely become fans if they like catchy electro dance-pop anthems. The Boss EP is an electro-pop masterpiece that melds pop, EDM, and even some dubstep sounds together. Every song has fantastic production, creative lyrics, and a star quality that only a talented artist like Lachi can pull off.

This EP is one you will want to listen to whenever and wherever, in the car, at the club, at home, at parties. Lachi really put her heart and soul into these recordings, and it shows throughout her vocal performances. There is a fair amount of creative production and editing that goes on, but as far as the energy and timbre in her vocals is concerned, Lachi really has put her best foot forward to make tantalizing dance-pop music.


Lachi also doesn’t need to try hard to be seductive with her music, she just is seductive with her music, and she does it with her undeniable spirit and a voice more unique than most pop artists on the scene. The vocals are amazing on all of the tracks, the production is consistently flawless, the beats and lyrics are top-notch, making The Boss EP stand alone as a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, Pop-EDM crossover record.

This EP sounds like Lachi is completely in her zone; giving her fans the best music she’s ever made.  I would very highly recommend The Boss EP to any and all Lachi fans, but also to anyone who is looking for amazing, feel-good, dance, avant-garde, pop music. Somehow Lachi and her production team were able to stay one step ahead of popular music on The Boss EP; able to target what is current and integrate newer trends – the result sounds fresh and fun!



Lachi has been creating and performing music since she was four years old. The sixth of seven children to West African Immigrant parents – hard work, education and adaptation remained the primary focus of her family.  Yet being a social pariah and having gone through many social tribulations throughout school due to her legal blindness, Lachi found solace in playing her keyboard and writing songs, short stories and comics.

After graduating from college, Lachi began to actively pursue a life in music and writing, moving to New York City to record a jazz album while writing her first serious novel. Determined never to allow her disability to hold her back, Lachi then put a band together and recorded the Ugly Beautiful EP. She then got picked up by Fanatic Records/EMI Caroline and signed for one album. The ensuing “Lachi” album landed her on Oprah Radio and won her national TV and radio spins. The album also made it through to the first round of Grammy nominations.

Juggling a day-job at the Army Corps of Engineers and working on her music and writing began to tear her focus away from the arts; so she left her day job to pursue music fulltime. Apart from scoring a book deal with innovative publisher, Library Tales Publishing, Lachi inked a distribution deal with Trend Def’s Sony Music imprint to release the EP she recorded at their studios, The Boss EP.


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