Lady Bain is one of a handful of authentic artists

Lady Bain is one of a handful of authentic artists

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Let’s start by saying that Lady Bain is a true songstress with deep expression and a vocal range that is out of this world. She is unlikely ever to be pigeonholed with the seemingly never-ending mother-lode of cloned pop R&B singers, but has instead carved a veritable niche in slick, adult, soul grooves. Adult, not in the sense of being rude about sex, but adult in the sense of sounding worldly wise and experienced about relationships, hardships and love.

Lady Bain relies on solid song-craft and musical arranging that allows her voice, never overstated, room to breathe. Her confidence is both comforting and admirable. Lady Bain is one of a handful of authentic artists, who are chiseling at the foundations of an industry which is shoveling garbage down our ears.

If you haven’t yet checked out any of Lady Bain’s records, there’s every reason to start with her single “Yes To Love”. One listen and you will return to a moment of nostalgia as Lady Bain caters to listeners’ heartstrings with her powerful vocals, lush harmonies, and poignant lyrics.

The combination of a richly-textured arrangement and a superb production make for a very strong track. Authentic elements of the singer’s old school roots are sure to please listeners with a riveting performance as rendered by this gifted vocalist. Lady Bain effortlessly captures the multidimensional nature of womanhood within her music.

Lady Bain is an R&B sensation coming out of Detroit. In an era when so many artists try to stake a claim to be ‘real’, Lady Bain has walked a path that makes her more ‘real’ than most. Just four years ago Cassandra Bain was a hard working Detroit police officer who found herself in a near fatal car accident. It ended her career and tragedy struck again when she lost the love of her life to dementia.

Real life can be painful, but can also guide us to new places. A chance visit from a high school friend reminded Cassandra of a special talent, tucked away. During her rehabilitation she began to sing again, and Bain is no ordinary singer.

Drawing passion and soul from her Baptist Church singing roots, Lady Bain’s voice is also cut through with the pain and rawness of a real life, lived. Influenced by Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke, and Nancy Wilson, to name just a few, Lady Bain’s vocal is both classic and fresh. Her unique phrasing marks her out as an R&B talent with something worth paying special attention to.

Lady Bain’s island heritage adds edge and spice to a sophisticated performance; the truth of her life experience forges an original sound that echoes the legendary singers that shaped her style. Bain even started out in the 80s singing alongside the legendary Martha Reeves.

There is integrity here; style and real substance. Available across all social media platforms and about to make a splash on the scene, such is her gift, Lady Bain simply demands to be heard. Seek out a modern day classic – listen to Lady Bain today.

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