Leisure McCorkle: “Transmission” and “Turn It Up”

Leisure McCorkle: “Transmission” and “Turn It Up”

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Leisure McCorkle, an alternative rock artist from Charlotte, North Carolina who creates music deeply rooted in the nomadic endeavors he undergoes while traveling, has recently released two live jam sessions.  Recorded in St Louis at Gaslight Studio, Leisure smoothly, confidently strums a narrow acoustic guitar while poetically singing each note of Transmission in one video and Turn It Up in the next.

Watch Leisure McCorkle on The Gaslight Sessions

Turn it Up – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=so-ney2fkqA

Leisure pours his heart into Transmission, nailing high falsettos that leave an echo in your ear. His husky voice compliments the riffs which are cleverly written into the music of the guitar. His organic voice then fireworks synonymously with the power chords of the guitar in Turn It Up. He conveys an infectious energy that gently awakens your inner rocker. Leisure’s classic rock, punk grit feel enables us to time travel back to the 90s and experience a familiar and beloved sound but with a new spin.

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Website: http://www.leisuremccorkle.com


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