Linda Washington ft. Superstar Lamar – “Missing You” – an explosive duet

Linda Washington ft. Superstar Lamar – “Missing You” – an explosive duet

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Singer, Song Writer, Author, and Recording Artist Linda Washington has been singing since she was a child. After a long battle with breast cancer and an abusive relationship, the nurse, and mother of four, wrote and produced a new R&B and Soul single, entitled “Missing You”, to help other cancer survivors find their way back to love. Linda explains that through the song she wants to project and permeate love into the hearts of breast cancer survivors by making them believe that they are still as important as they were before diagnostics and that their identity is far grander than just being pinned down to a belittling breast cancer tag.

In her quest to push the song to its highest level, Linda has teamed up with Superstar Lamar, for an explosive duet that brings back those authentic old school R&B flavors. “Missing You” presents an emphasis on emotional presence, a theme that both Linda and Lamar incorporate into their work and overall artistic style with grace.

Confident in her abilities to not only support but uplift breast cancer survivors, Linda Washington pushes forth with her persuasion to make them aware of their best and true qualities. Throughout the song, Linda proves that being a fearless and empathetic writer is a consistent quality she knows how to bring to the table.

Linda works her way through the song with such careful consideration that she seems to create a personal dialogue between herself and Superstar Lamar. The pensive conversation is honest and intimate, almost to a point of voyeurism. Building upon the foundation of her dynamic songwriting, Linda Washington has accomplished her mission of unpacking the diversity and the beauty of the individual.

It’s cliché but true; Linda’s voice sounds like a ray of sunshine. It is warm, radiant, and unyielding. Moreover she is fully-formed not only as a vocalist but also as a songwriter. She delivers a tightly written, fundamentally sound project that nevertheless feels expansive in its portrayal and navigation of its theme. And while her pen is impressively sharp, Superstar Lamar uses those images and feelings, and builds them into vivid, personal metaphors that animate the story-line.

There are plenty moments on “Missing You” that encapsulates the way Superstar Lamar uses simple phrasing, rather than sweeping vocal statements, to express the ways in which Linda Washington has plotted her story-line. Together the Linda and Lamar, deliver incisive lyrical runs and divine vocals, packaged in a fluid, ‘90s R&B-inflected production with a modern twist. The result is music that feels like a gentle healing breeze.

There’s laid-out cohesion on this project, and Linda and Lamar pull off R&B without hitting monotony, or sacrificing dynamism. Linda Washington is an artist with distinct talent, and she makes music from the soul. And for all this, she seems thankful for what life has offered her, regardless of the hardships and illness she has suffered. The powerful song introduces listeners to a track that not only epitomizes the authenticity of Linda Washington’s musicality, but of her womanhood.

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