LS Muzik Group Presents Dru Yates & Blac Lou Caine off the upcoming “Real Muzik Revisited: R&B/Hip-Hop Vol.1” Compilation!

LS Muzik Group Presents Dru Yates & Blac Lou Caine off the upcoming “Real Muzik Revisited: R&B/Hip-Hop Vol.1” Compilation!

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In the pantheon of yearly debates, the topic of best hip-hop compilation albums isn’t a discussion that usually comes up, but it should. For over 25 years, releases from labels top labels have serviced the world with song collections that capture the imagination of fans, serving up a hodgepodge of unexpected talents and collaborations. While some of these projects come across as thinly veiled promo materials, the best among theme combine superb production and memorable singles that stand as musical accomplishments rather than just raw teaser exhibitions.

When Death Row unloaded their first soundtrack in 1994, they helped set the precedent for rap labels creating artistically dense albums in service of the game. The project was twice certified platinum and also earned critical acclaim. For their part, the folks over at Ruff Ryders did the same a decade later, successfully introducing the world to new artists.

Two decades further ahead, in 2020, the new wave of rap and hip-hop has taken over the industry, dominating the clubs, the airwaves, and far beyond. Future and Young Thug practically birthed an entire sub-genre of melodic trap, whose sounds crept into EDM, R&B, and other styles.

First rappers took over Soundcloud, and then the Top 40. New players and labels are upon us, and one of them in particular is following in the ambitious footsteps of its illustrious predecessors. Real Muzik Revisited is a compilation released annually by LS Muzik Group. It is composed of various genres of independent artists from around the world.

LS Muzik Group’s platform gives independent artists the opportunity to be heard, and gain exposure via multiple outlets to reach all demographics. After a year and a half of music submissions, LS Muzik Group has selected the top ten best songs to be released on June 12, 2020 under the title “Real Muzik Revisited: R&B/Hip-Hop Vol.1”. The latest project is being launched with two lead singles which have already been released – “Marry Me” by Dru Yates ft. Breland, and “I’m Good” by Blac Lou Caine ft. Sequence.

Blac Lou Caine revels in each smart turn of phrase with a smirk that comes off endearing rather than smug, on “I’m Good” ft. Sequence. Vivid, straightforward and surprisingly versatile, the real power in Blac’s bars is delivery — expeditious yet clear, with just the right amount of bounce, swag and wit.

Rapping with a clarity and precision that could bridge the old guard and younger generations, Blac Lou Caine is finding his way ahead, within his own lane. On the spectrum of sound, Blac Lou Caine currently sits nearer to North Carolina, but he’s still capturing the spirit of New York in his raps.

His presence throughout “I’m Good” is glowing, full-sized, and comfortably eases itself within the frames of Southern bump and groove. The best part? Its clear Blac Lou Caine is just warming up. Sequence, on the hook, makes sure the track is filled with ear-warming melodic soul, all insuring a captivating listen.

Dru Yates raps with the self-assured confidence of a vet, but like most of hip-hop’s underground breed, he has to walk the tightrope between respected and underrated. “Marry Me” ft. Breland, gives him another yet opportunity to uncover his wares for the world.

What’s different this time, is that his formidable bars come with an easy to follow context that hits close to home for anybody in a serious relationship. Dru Yates relentless approach to the track puts vocals first, letting the music sound like it was built in the space around himself and Breland.

Born in Germany to an army veteran, bred in New York by a single mother with 5 children, and then trans-located to Kansas, as shield from the vices of street life, plus seeing his brother jailed for 42 years, has molded Dru Yates’ rapping into a steady, resonant flow that is distinctly his own.

His work here is on point, breathing new life into a familiar theme, and creating a brand new ear worm in the form of smoky R&B and rap stylings. The score is thick with sentimental atmosphere and dripping in mood, proving that Dru Yates will deserve every plaudit given to him.

For the total package, all we need do now is wait for the “Real Muzik Revisited: R&B/Hip-Hop Vol.1” compilation to drop on June 12, 2020, after which time, we can savor the other top quality tracks and artists the LS Muzik Group has put together for our pure listening pleasure!


“Marry Me” by Dru Yates ft. Breland

“I’m Good” by Blac Lou Caine ft. Sequence


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