Luca Draccar announces new concept release ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’

Luca Draccar announces new concept release ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’

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A graduate of visual communication and interactive design, it’s no wonder that Berlin-based artist Luca Draccar can communicate a sonic world of his own. Visionary and imaginative, Draccar paints a picture of obscure soundscapes with his latest project ‘Neo Noir Plaisir.’ The EP will be released on all platforms in November 2021. Technology and musicology combined, Draccar experiments with an array of musical colours from a palette of industrial and avant-garde shades. Amongst the depths of the robotic presence found in the electronic instrument, a human element lingers throughout ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’. The sharp inhale of breath in opening track ‘The Black White Palm,’ is a reminder of it’s human creation despite the technological orchestration, while incoherent, distorted voices weave in and out of ‘Mouse in Trap.’ Lurking in the shadows is a deep growling voice ready to be awoken. Elements of ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ feel familiar and intimate, while other moments transcend listeners to a place that only Luca Draccar truly knows.

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