MadnessMen – “God’s Blood” – captures the listener in the clutches of its epic imaginary world

MadnessMen – “God’s Blood” – captures the listener in the clutches of its epic imaginary world

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MadnessMen are 2 Italian guys who first start making music for games and phone apps. After working on dozen of tracks they decided that it was time for their first real album, which they are working hard on, to make available during the Fall of 2020. In the meantime they have released the single “God’s Blood” which will feature on the self-titled album. What strikes one immediately about MadnessMen’s music, is the effortlessness of it. The sound is not disjointed and mechanical, it really does sound like an orchestra playing cohesively, each instrument locked in with all the others.

Equally striking is the sheer ease with which the Italian duo produce one memorable melody after another. Most would be content with having one catchy part in a musical piece; for Brion, each part of the song is an equal opportunity to write something that will linger with the listener. Every string flourish, drum fill, horn harmony, and sound effect has the quality of a top tier element.  “God’s Blood” is clearly a vivid example of MadnessMen’s artistic caliber.

For all intents and purposes, “God’s Blood” is an epic soundtrack score, to which we simply need to match the visual. The music is so vibrantly colorful, dynamic and dramatic that the comparable pictures will be conjured up in our minds automatically. The atmospheres created throughout the track are superlative, while the music is as thrilling and heart pounding as the action created in your mind.

The heavy, percussive nature of the music is almost relentless. The emphasis on powerful, driving rhythms emerges through a cacophony of strident strings and pounding percussion to stand triumphant. The resulting music can be described as monumental, epic, beautiful and grandiose. MadnessMen have created a suspenseful, intricate, and audibly pleasurable experience that will put you on the edge of your seat, even without images in front of you.

“God’s Blood” absolutely blasts out of the speakers with confidence and vigor. It’s dark, tense and beautifully haunting. The roots of this record are clear to see, deeply entrenched with inspiration from the music scores of legendary movie composers, and fused together by the chemistry of MadnessMen, who effectively and concisely breathe life into the vividly outlined setting and atmosphere before kicking into full-action.

MadnessMen switch things up and articulates the track with a seemingly effortless ease, from section to section, allowing every instrumental motif to attain its utmost potency. The constant drive also alternates with quieter immersion and reflection.

From start to finish, “God’s Blood” excels at immersing the listener into the world of MadnessMen. The chilling introduction quickly nails the tone of the single and builds to multiple climaxes, showcasing the ominous atmosphere of its composition.

Whether or not you appreciate soundtrack scores, MadnessMen’s music accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do in spades. It captures the listener in the clutches of its epic imaginary world. It succeeds as a well-produced, cinematic track that not only harnesses but also refines the usual tropes of the genre. And above all it’s a joy to listen to.


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