Makalo is secretly shaping sounds for some of the most listened to artists out there!

Makalo is secretly shaping sounds for some of the most listened to artists out there!

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While being a relatively new producer Makalo’s sound is instantly recognizable once you’ve heard one of his beats. In less than a year the Swedish native has racked up presences on platinum albums and has had his samples and beats appear on productions for artists like Young Thug, Pop Smoke, and DDG, as well as Tonee Marino. In some cases the use of his creativity has gone uncredited, which has somewhat angered the beat-maker and his manager Flvwlessflow, along with their team OutofTune Entertainment. In fact rumor has it, that Makalo and his crew have filed complaints due to the producer’s melody loop appearing uncredited in the Young Thug song, entitled “Millions”.

Samples and loops are an embedded part of hip-hop culture, and appropriation seems to be part of the production process. What producers like Makalo do with these creations is artistically mind-boggling. But regardless of the arguable artistry of the sample or loop in question, in the end it’s legal matter.

There’s always somebody who owns the rights to the original composition or recording, and that somebody should be getting credit. So, why not clear a loop or sample with its creator? It seems to be an endless story, where the unsung producer remains in the shadows, while the platinum selling artist grabs the limelight, with sounds that have not been cleared with the creator.

Makalo’s production, loops and samples are defined by its smoothness, forcing melodies out of any rapper that steps on his sounds. He is bound to make great music with anyone willing to dive into his world.

On the tracks we managed to hook up with, Makalo’s creativity revolves heavily around guitars and realistic snare sounds, his 808’s take a quieter but full tone. The overall atmosphere is like listening to a real band churn out a melody driven motif.

Easily one of the most diverse producers to use guitar samples out right now, Makalo has turned the guitar from depressed to almost adorable. This is how he has quietly been building a solid following around him, while secretly shaping sounds for some of the most listened to artists out there right now.

Makalo is at the forefront of producers that have the ability to easily breakout in 2020. His production is melodic and well executed, with his sample and loop work being some of the cleanest within the scene. As mentioned previously, his guitar samples are totally recognizable and are going places most people would least expect from an underground producer from Sweden.

For those interested in having a taste of the producer’s creativity, you can go over to his website and get a hold of Makalo’s sound pack, “Sounds of Makalo Vol. 1”, which contains 147 Melodic Trap and Reggaeton samples in WAV format.

It also includes various oneshots, FX, drums, and other percussions etc., totaling a sum of 205 audio files. This should be a clear indicator of what Makalo is able to accomplish, and why everyone should be on the lookout for him.

Hook up with Makalo on INSTAGRAM and find out more about him at his WEBSITE

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