Man like D.I.C.E – on a mission to illuminate the need for self-healing

Man like D.I.C.E – on a mission to illuminate the need for self-healing

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Having spent most of the first 3 decades of his life living in pain, suffering and experiencing multiple traumas including seeing a murder at the age of 11, losing friends to both suicide & murder and fighting multiple addictions amongst many other things, Man like D.I.C.E embarked on an intense 7 year self-healing journey at the age of 29.

Having re-discovered his love for music, he now uses it as a medium to share his personal story and self-healing journey. His mission is to illuminate the need for self-healing to the world and the younger generation in particular, as he believes if the future generations can heal before they get into relationships and have children of their own then the generational patterns and trauma cycles can be broken rather than being passed on again.

He believes this is how we heal the world from the inside out and effect massive change across the globe. As a result he has now made it his mission to get this message heard by as many as possible. As a multi-genre artist Man like D.I.C.E simply loves music, but his main areas of focus are as a hip hop and drum and bass recording artist/mc. These are the genres he grew up Listening to the most and fell in love with when he was younger. He is also a music producer and an amateur DJ.

He hopes to bring something a little different to the scene through his unique style of conscious lyrics based around self-healing, spirituality and also the social issues currently faced across the globe by so many. He believes by shining light onto the darker areas of society and ways of living so we are able to create a spotlight for change.


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