Marcus Christ is getting ready to drop “Prince of the Universe” album

Marcus Christ is getting ready to drop “Prince of the Universe” album

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Marcus Christ’s new songs promise to delight for generations to come. Check out his song “She’s The Coldest” from the Return of the Beast album. MtB Entertainment’s artist, Marcus Christ, considered by many, as a prodigy and savior of Hip Hop finally dropped his debut album entitled “Return of the Beast”, since release was hampered by a lengthy jail sentence. The album is now available for download worldwide.

Currently Marcus is also getting ready to release his follow-up album called “Prince of the Universe”. Exposed to music at a young age, and an ex-trombone player, Marcus was introduced to production in the US Air Force with the owner of Mad Cow Production.

Marcus Christ showcases to the world his intellectual and poetic ability. He is an artist with a message for the world, and never holds back from displaying emotion whether it be anger, love, sadness etc, even if it means he is going to be hated for it.

Every track on the album, “Return of the Beast” is solid, some of my favorites include “Let These Niggas Know”, “Laying It Down”, “I Knew This Girl”, “She Needs a Soldier” and “You Know What I’m Saying” one of the realest tracks Marcus has written.


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