Mavis Swan Poole Elevates Soul with Her Stunning EP ‘Adult Time Vol. 1’

Mavis Swan Poole Elevates Soul with Her Stunning EP ‘Adult Time Vol. 1’

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The wait is finally over. Mavis Swan Poole, the vocal powerhouse renowned for her sultry and dynamic sound, has unveiled her eagerly anticipated EP, “Adult Time Vol. 1”. Released on May 27th, this mesmerizing collection is available on all major digital platforms, brought to you by MSP/Unlimited Wealth Entertainment, LLC. Expertly produced by the acclaimed Eddie “Gypsy” Stokes, this EP is a testament to Poole’s artistic prowess and musical versatility, following the success of her nationally celebrated singles “Every Man Ain’t The Same” and “The Assignment”.

Mavis Swan Poole’s “Every Man Ain’t the Same” continues to captivate audiences, currently holding the #15 spot on the Indie Soul Chart, having previously soared to #1 on the DRT Independent Chart and #33 nationally on MediaBase. With industry veteran Myron Ruffin of Unlimited Wealth Entertainment, LLC spearheading national radio promotion, “Adult Time Vol. 1” is poised to resonate deeply with listeners and solidify Poole’s place among the elite in contemporary R&B and soul music.

This scintillating EP is a lush, sensual exploration of love, life, desire and intimacy. Mavis Swan Poole masterfully delivers five sultry, soulful tracks that transport listeners into a world where passion and sophistication meet. The tracklist, featuring “Everyday Hero”, “The Assignment”, “How Do We Grow”, “Mr. Thirsty”, and the chart-topping “Every Man Ain’t The Same”, showcases Poole’s remarkable ability to blend eloquent lyricism with technically sound and emotive vocal performances. Her voice is a direct line to the heart, infusing each lyric with the kind of intimacy and authenticity that only true artistry can convey.

“Adult Time Vol. 1” is a sonic delight, embodying the essence of classic soul and R&B with exquisite jazz influences. Mavis Swan Poole’s rich, warm vocal tones are nothing short of intoxicating, enveloping listeners in a comforting embrace that echoes the intimate spirit of the EP’s title. The meticulous musical curation ensures that every note, every beat, is perfectly placed, creating an album that is as enchanting as it is authentic. This is, without a doubt, one of the standout projects of its genre in 2024, setting a high bar that is unlikely to be easily surpassed.

Mavis Swan Poole’s talent shines through in every facet of this EP. From the reverberating instrumentation to the seamless blend of slinky beats and vocal ecstasy, “Adult Time Vol. 1” is a masterclass in musical artistry. Poole’s clear-eyed reflections on passion, desire, sensuality (as well as the pitfalls thereof) breathe life into each track, making the emotional core of her music feel as tangible as the daily objects that surround us. The production is immaculate, striking a perfect balance between vibrant grooves and the delicate nuances that allow Poole’s voice to truly soar.

Dubbed “Little Ella” by the legendary trombonist Curtis Fuller, Poole’s vocal brilliance transcends genre barriers, captivating audiences with her unique ability to sing two or more notes simultaneously, a rare skill known as “Multiphonics”. This extraordinary gift, coupled with her resilience as a vocal surgery and sulcus survivor, underscores her exceptional artistry and determination.

Al Jarreau once praised Poole’s band, Soul Understated, after their performance at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, declaring, “Listen, I was around with Coltrane and Miles. They wouldn’t have wanted to get on the stage after what y’all just did.” Such high praise reflects Poole’s ability to enchant and impress even the most discerning audiences. Whether she is crooning sweetly or delivering fiery, improvised scats, her vocal prowess is undeniable.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mavis Swan Poole has shared the stage with luminaries across various genres, including Lauryn Hill, 9th Wonder, Prince and the New Power Generation, Gladys Knight, and Sheryl Crow. Despite these high-profile collaborations, Poole remains dedicated to her original music, continually proving herself as a formidable artist in her own right.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of North Carolina Central University and a holder of an MA in Music from Queens College, NYC, Mavis Swan Poole’s classical training and academic achievements are as impressive as her performance credentials. As an educator, she has influenced countless students, serving as a Vocal Jazz Adjunct Professor and a dedicated music teacher. Her extensive experience as a vocal coach further cements her status as a mentor and guide to aspiring musicians.

“Adult Time Vol. 1” is a journey through the depths of Mavis Swan Poole’s soul, mindset, and musicality. It is an invitation to experience the beauty and complexity of grown-up love, to savor the richness of life’s intimate moments, and to appreciate the artistry of one of today’s most captivating vocalists. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical offering – immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Mavis Swan Poole today.

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