Melion – Back & Forth” – nothing less than captivating all the way through

Melion – Back & Forth” – nothing less than captivating all the way through

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Melion was born in Philadelphia as Lateef Melion Bundy. He began his journey into the world of music, at an early age – moving from the rough streets of Philadelphia, to signing his first independent label deal backed by Universal Music Group. The move launched his music career and saw him performing and touring across the globe. The songwriter, vocal producer, engineer, and entertainer who works his craft within the R&B, Soul and Pop genres, has also gained a lot of experience by working with stellar artists such as Remi Ma, Paris Hilton, Jojo, and many more. Influenced by such artists as Johnny Gill, Whitney Houston, Nat King Cole, Boyz 2 Men, the Temptations, and some of today’s current artists, Melion has his sights set on developing and running a successful record label and a thriving music career.

Currently Melion is pushing his momentum with the single, “Back & Forth”. Right from the start of the song, it’s clear that he has plenty of fire in the chamber. Yes, we’re in slow-jam territory, but when it’s done this well, it’s nothing less than captivating all the way through.

With a voice that melts hearts and a charisma that will make the ladies go crazy, it’s a proven formula. To add to that, he has the gift of the gab with lyrics that suggest his intentions, and at times explicitly state them.

Melion’s confidence and honeycomb voice is just half the story; without solid production, even the best intentions fall short. “Back & Forth” is a sultry but powerful slow jam.

Melion’s smooth vocals subtly dominates the arrangement, while the drums and bass vary throughout the song, to provide a chilled but energetic vibe. The track is elegantly arranged as the shimmering keys blend with the emotional strings and effects to make it dynamic, but easy to listen to.

If Melion needed a platform to show off his vocal range and tone, then this track gives him just that. “Back & Forth” is a great fit for his soaring tenor range and technical talents.

The song captures a sound that the current vibe-focused state of R&B is sorely missing and blends it with the best aspect of modern production. It is one of those rare tracks where it feels as though Melion has found an impressive balance between the past, present and future of R&B.

There’s a lot of substance here, and with Melion’s considerable vocal talent in this lane of music, it was always going to be pretty great. Melion is among the few artists who have mastered and maintained the technique of romantic and sensual storytelling in today’s urban music scene, where misogyny has gained the upper hand.

Melion reminds listeners that love, above anything, rules all. And it’s his piercing tenor and instantly recognizable vocal presence that delivers that message. Whichever way you look at it, the effect of listening to “Back & Forth” is positively thrilling.  The track never hits a lull and is perfect for nearly any situation – be it lust or late-night revelry – as long as it’s connected to the sentiment of love.

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