Melting Tree – “Athena” – a sense of raw guitar driven rock

Melting Tree – “Athena” – a sense of raw guitar driven rock

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Melting Tree is an alternative indie-rock band from Athens, Georgia that has just released the single “Athena”. The band mix and master their own music through resources at the University of Georgia. Currently in search of a permanent drummer, the band is made up of two guitarists – seasoned blues musician and vocalist Jarred Burch, as well as Logan Choney, who also handled the drum session on this track. Tyler Peters takes care of the bass, and is also considered the whiz behind the mixing board. The voices of Sarah Mootz and Blis Savidge are also featured on the track.

With crunchy jangling guitars and an energetic rhythm that brings to mind travel on open roads, Melting Tree captures that nostalgic sense of raw guitar driven rock that is all but lost in today’s glossy overproduced music.

The combination of straight-forward storytelling and Burch’s resonant and wistful voice telling that story makes for a powerful juxtaposition. Add to that the lush harmonies and you’ve got some serious indie honesty.

This is an amazing little indie-rock record. It isn’t trying to represent a musical revolution, but more like four minutes of absolute musical transcendence without pretentiousness. A quality hard to come by in the age of selfies, hype and fake news.

To me there are really three things that make a great song: melody, lyrics and harmonics. Elements all neatly loaded into “Athena”.  The song is one of hope and not typical despair. In these troubled times that’s another gigantic plus.

In its structural simplicity, “Athena” will make you sit up and listen. Meticulous drumming, thumping basslines and screaming guitars abound, but this isn’t music sold on virtuosity, its music of beautiful emotion.

It takes a measure of bravery, and a bucket-load of self-assuredness to dive headfirst into guitar and organic driven music today. Does “Athena” hail a new and exciting era for indie rock? I certainly hope so.

“Athena” is a particularly vibrant track, and rescues the listener from the anomalous mire of synthesizer music flooding the airwaves. It will also serve as an excellent introduction for many to an interesting and very listenable band.

Melting Tree’s seemingly clear understanding of keeping away from industry trends in alternative indie genre development, ensure they won’t get lost in the sea of homogeneity and mediocrity.

Standing firmly in their lane, Melting Tree deliver a track that is bold, loud and positively proactive. Shimmering and bright, “Athena” feels like the band knows how exactly to make their sound work for them, but they also know not to go overboard so as to not overwhelm the listener.  “Athena” is a record full of character and energy that very clearly puts forward Melting Tree’s vision and successfully conveys it to the listener.


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