Mostacho Xprmnt & NJWA: “Ocean” – demonstrates a genuine empathy for its narrative

Mostacho Xprmnt & NJWA: “Ocean” – demonstrates a genuine empathy for its narrative

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“Ocean” is an R&B/NeoSoul ballad written by Malaysian award winning singer-songwriter NJWA and arranged by Mostacho Xprmnt, a NeoSoul/Fusion project founded by Costa Rican drummer and composer Andres Marin in Brooklyn, New York, and currently made up of Luis D’Elías on guitar and Dave Lowenthal on bass. It took almost 6 years for the single to see the light under the Music Dribble Entertainment label. The song was produced by Andres Marin, mixed by Sohta Tsuchiya in Boston and mastered by Daniel Alba at Zampol Productions in New York. The project collaborated with Swedish illustration artist Ylva Borg for the single’s cover artwork.

“It is such a beautiful thing when people from different parts of the world come together to make music. I wrote this song after months of writer’s block and I’m really blessed to be able to collaborate with amazing musicians that helped bring this song to life,” said NJWA.

The song is so beautiful, so soulful and so heartfelt and NJWA’s voice is just unbelievable. She seems a classy and intelligent young woman and it shows in her music. She has such a great voice that pushing too hard would surely mask the tone, emotion and timbre subtleties her voice can convey.

Thus the delicate and poignant delivery she forges on “Ocean” is just awe-inspiring. Her talent is rare in this day and age. She puts so much heart into her music that you cannot help but be moved by it. In particular, “Ocean” is about the joy of finding real love, while dwelling on the foolish mistakes of the past. It’s a sensation we can tangibly grasp.

Her voice, the lyrical content, the music, everything is beautiful, on point, and amazing. You will not be disappointed. Add to that the extraordinary arrangement and performances of Mostacho Xprmnt.

Considering how much noise there is out there in an attempt to make an impact, it is extremely rare to find a musical backdrop so highly refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of light and shade. The melding of the instruments and sounds by these stellar musicians create a rich deep sonic canvas that makes it almost touchable.

Mostacho Xprmnt never seem to feel the need to raise the volume of the music to compete with the vocals. They go through the track with the confidence that the virtuosity and creativity of their musicianship speaks loud enough. “Ocean” has a delicacy that places an emphasis on the interplay between the musicians and the voice.

If there is any one thing that defines Mostacho Xprmnt, besides being one of the most consistent and extraordinarily talented groups to grace the contemporary NeoSoul/Fusion scene, it is that the trio has loads of class and, as the driving catalyst for this track, demonstrates a genuine empathy for its narrative.

“Ocean”, written by NJWA shows Mostacho Xprmnt in a tranquil setting, carefully leaning on every note and space, with precision and poise. Polished throughout, the track has vocal strength, the production and musicianship. When you pair that with the flawless songwriting, this project is virtually unstoppable.


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