Multi-Instrumentalist Rapper Sat Game Releases ‘Is No Quit’

Multi-Instrumentalist Rapper Sat Game Releases ‘Is No Quit’

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‘Is No Quit’ starts with a simplistic synth accompaniment, with a memorable melody and catchy beat. Once the main rap kicks in at around 30 seconds in, you really start to feel the fast flowing lines, which is delivered in a relaxed and smooth manner. Style wise, it’s slightly reminiscent of the likes of Notorious B.I.G in its deliverance. The song highlights various aspects of street life, including the obvious struggles.

The artist behind this new track ‘Is No Quit’ goes by the name of Sat Game, and he’s currently working on two new EP’s set for release this summer. In addition, he’s due to tour with Bentley Records, as the pandemic restrictions ease.

In a statement, Sat Game described himself as ‘the rise of the Taco Bell worker’. With a bunch of great crowd reviews, and a substantial amount of streams already, he’s set for big things in the future.

Sat Game’s background in music doesn’t end with rap – he also sings, plays the guitar, piano and has three albums already recorded. With a busy work schedule at both Meijer, and Taco Bell, Sat Game juggles between work and his music brand ‘Cold Exterior’. ‘The rise of the Taco Bell worker’ could soon be a very fitting headline.


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