Myah J meets Hip Hop on the brand new album “Open Book”

Myah J meets Hip Hop on the brand new album “Open Book”

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Representing the wonderful City of Atlanta, former model Myah J meets Hip Hop. From her days of doing various photo shoots, Myah J realized her love for the camera. Appearing in a number of Men’s Magazines such as TearSheet, Sweets, Silk, BlockDymes, FBM, and even FEDs, Myah J came to experience the music industry.

Myah-J-300As Myah J completed her debut album, the world was quick to embrace her stunting demeanor, spontaneous movements, charming humor, and soothing personality.

She is definitely bringing a new and innovative ‘Pretty Girl Swag’ to the microphone. The release of her debut single “Nice Lil Azz”, produced by YA Beats kept the clubs rocking.

She has worked with talented producers such as KE, M16, Shakespere, Marco Smoov, Sam Addams and great artists such as BK Brasco, Future, Chubby Baby, Rico Law plus many more. Myah J speaks for all women of world, as she travels across the nation on tour with the top artists of today.

Now she has released her eleven-track banger of an album, entitled, “Open Book”, not only to the nation, but to the bigger, brighter world at large. The 11 songs contain all of Myah J’s concepts, lyrics, thoughts, frustrations…and sexiness. “It’s all me,” she says, “Understand that I’m a real artist, and a true hustler.”

Myah-J-250aJust unleashed from the album is the first single, “Do What I Wanna”.  If you like a good flow with unbelievable metaphors and crazy punchlines, from someone who has confidence and drive, and has no taboos when it comes to subject matter, Myah J is your girl.

She has skills to kill and her rhymes are as the title suggests, an “Open Book”. Myah J boldly goes where only a handful of female rappers went before with this joint. Just when you think men were the only ones who go hardcore, think again.

Myah J is street, she’s urban chic, and she will speak her mind and not give a damn about how others will take it. She sings, she raps, all while being hip and real, her beats are on the boil and she’s got the body and voice to match it too.

Myah J is taking the industry, shaking it, and shaping new heights for female rap artists everywhere, and making it hot as hell along the way! The point is, can you stand the heat?


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