Nancy Diaz – “No Mas” shows a real evolution of talent

Nancy Diaz – “No Mas” shows a real evolution of talent

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Canadian born Latin pop recording artist Nancy Diaz has been navigating her way through the Canadian music scene since 2011 with her pop single “Summer Addiction” along with official music video. Her sexy and sassy fusion of English/Latin music has led to the release of many well received singles, garnering her critical acclaim and audience satisfaction. Apart from firmly establishing herself among her musical contemporaries and peers, Diaz has also made her mark in the modeling world posing for magazines, fashion labels and fashion photographers such as Cliché Magazine, Deniori Couture and Monarch Photography.

Directly involved in quite a few animal charities such as, Mercy for Animals Canada, Farm Animal Rights Movement, Animal Justice, Human Society International, Peterborough Humane Society and Toronto Humane Society, donating and fundraising for them, and championing their causes, Nancy Diaz still finds the time to drop mind-blowing tracks. This is the case with her latest electro-pop banger “No Mas” which is currently available on all platforms.

“No Mas” sees Nancy Diaz once again complete a successful collaboration with Caelum Music Production, LLC who produced the track, giving it the shine and sparkle needed to elevate all levels of performance and creativity.

It’s the perfect combination of polished and natural – the smooth, mid-tempo synth driven production contrasts with Diaz’s sultry voice, slipping from English to Spanish mid-song, and punctuated with soaring choruses. Bittersweet, earnest, and sprinkled with those little nuggets of narrative detail that distinguish Diaz’s lyrics, “No Mas” twinkles and glows with warmth.

Nancy Diaz voice transitions from dreamily melancholy to a passionate effort to make her affirming statements over a slowly-building beat. The song’s flourishing electronic sound and Diaz’s captivating vocal delivery represents an artist at the peak of her creativity and inner power. Love can be one of the most exhilarating, and yet terrifying human experiences: a friendship suddenly accelerating into an all-consuming passion.

Sparks fly, hormones surge, and you give yourself over completely to this burgeoning obsession. You throw aside caution and boundaries. It’s the kind of rush that feels like infinity. But then somewhere along the line someone does something wrong.

The emotional fall can be so devastating you wouldn’t want to go through it again. “No Mas” is a fabulous record, full of sonic delights that will make your heart burst. It oozes with Nancy Diaz’s palatable understated sass. But more importantly, it shows she also knows how to write about love…or lack thereof.

Nancy Diaz’s ability to weave a tale out of this classic trope, and do it in only 2 minutes and 44 seconds shows a real evolution of talent. She knows how to capture relationships with masterful lyrics that cut to your core with their specific details.

When it comes to straightforward, emotionally communicative songs, she deserves to be recognized as a very good writer. But even that doesn’t matter, because with “No Mas”, Nancy Diaz reminds us that beyond the smart songwriting, and the sharply focused production, she is after all, a dazzlingly captivating performer, and that shines through everything.


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