Neftali Guzman is a brand new artist from NYC

Neftali Guzman is a brand new artist from NYC

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Neftali Guzman is a brand new artist from NYC who is working on plenty of projects this year. He loves making music and is currently getting his brand where it needs to be. Neftali has been featured in legendary Dope Boy’s Magazine, Gunshaped State Magazine, as well as having press in Wu-World, RapHead, Poze Mag, and Core DJ’s just to name a few. The artist plans on doing big things 2018.

Neftali Guzman was born in New York City but his family is from the Dominican Republic. He started listening to Reggaeton when he was 13 years old, and started rapping at 13. He never realized that music would be a serious thing for him, but right now, he has 180 songs and 9 albums.

Every night he would write songs and when his not writing songs he is looking for instrumentals to buy so that he can write new songs. Neftali is always thinking of topics for his new songs. He started with Reggaeton and then went to Rap.

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Official contact and links for Laura Rodsen – Publicist for Neftali Guzman

Laura’s Business #: (646) 285-2531

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