NesKoH – “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst) –  enough tone, groove and passion, to hook listeners

NesKoH – “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst) – enough tone, groove and passion, to hook listeners

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NesKoH (Nesko Hadžimuratović) is an artist, songwriter and singer, born and raised in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Paris Academy of Music, and is the founder of the well-known German punk band LaminiusX, with which he recorded 3 albums and performed a number of concerts in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne, Bremen, etc. NesKoH currently works as a professor of music in Marseille, France, and has just dropped his latest single “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst), which he has recorded in three languages – namely Bosnian, German and English.


The song was created when the COVID19 pandemic started, and NesKoH explains its back story: Every song has its importance, some are just more important than the others. Because some unknown reason, is it the connection with the song, or the songwriting context, or something else. I have no clue,” he said, continuing: “The goal was to write a planetary anthem that fits in this weird situation, that can’t be danced to, but can make a man think,” concluded the singer-songwriter.

On “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst), NesKoH not only took care of the lead vocals, music, lyrics, and arrangement, but also handled the guitar work. He was flanked by a crew of international players and technicians, which include Chris Barber on drums, Alexandre Fontana on bass, Anatoly Borodin on brass and Guilhem Bernard on backing vocals. The track was mixed and mastered by Francesco Petrelli and is out on the Hayat Production label.

The bottom line is that throughout “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst), NesKoH’s quality-control is consistent. The track opens with crunching guitars riffs dancing over the fretboard, before NesKoH’s passionate voice kicks the song into gear. It’s a mid-tempo stomper that well represents the side of NesKoH that is perhaps most accessible to the rock crowd, but it contains many pop-friendly moments which will resonate with a vast crowd.

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NesKoH serves up a soaring treasure with “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst). There is enough tone, groove and passion here, to hook listeners to the single. It’s safe to say that this recording adventure is fully loaded – a driven rock backdrop, heartfelt lyrics, solos that combine technical ability and feel, as well as soulful soaring vocals. Plus, the production is impressively clean and crisp. It’s hard to ask for more, as the song attracts and retains the listener’s attention.

“There was really nothing here before us. Just the sun and the clouds. The thirst was too strong, we lost our minds. We were too greedy. It wasn’t easy,” sings NesKoH in the opening lines, examining our core existential issues. There can be no doubt, NesKoH is the total package.  His songs rock, but NesKoH is more than just a rocker.

He mixes soulful sounds and raw emotions, and thoughtful lyrics into his songs.  He is a multi-faceted artist with a lot of class, and even more talent. “SLATKA ŽEĐ” (Sweet Thirst) is a positive change of pace from the everyday riff raff as it is filled with great vocals and excellent music.


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