NOTARY 4 ROTARY – Certified Notary Services Through Your Mobile Device

NOTARY 4 ROTARY – Certified Notary Services Through Your Mobile Device

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Did you know that there is no longer the need to find a Certified Notary, when attempting to finalize a Legal Document or Form with time sensitive features, as you may now have any document notarized from anywhere around the World on your …….CELL PHONE !

notary4rotary-cellNOTARY 4 ROTARY  makes it possible for this transaction to occur legally and lawfully, as Certified And Specialized Notaries seal and file their signatures, which remain tamper-proof eliminating fraud and identity theft such that the notarized package  may reach its destination securely and successfully.

This new innovative technology will save time, energy, and human error, as many Industries, Businesses, Governments, and Citizens via all global locations will find NOTARY 4 ROTARY advantageous and well served!

In addition, NOTARY 4 ROTARY  downsizes fraud tremendously, as it literally records and archives any and all Notary Sessions for a duration of 5 Years – via Local, State, National, and International Law.  The protocol and method for its use is extremely simple and convenient, as no App Download is required, as it is accessible to any and all, World Wide who have Internet Access via their mobile devices. 

  • How Does This Innovative Product work? 

You May Have Any Document Notarized Legally And World Wide From Your …CELL PHONE !

NOTARY 4 ROTARY  is a Patented And Trademarked Product ( Available On Any And All Cell Phones Including Hologram Technology ) for: WILLS ; POWERS OF ATTORNEY ; MILITARY ; MUSIC DEALS ; ADOPTION ; MORTGAGES ; DEEDS ; AUTO TRANSFER OWNERSHIP ; DIVORCE ; CONTRACTS ; ETC. 

Through Your Mobile Device , Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime May have Any Document Notarized Legally And World Wide. Moreover, The User Steps Are Extremely Simplistic, As We Welcome The Opportunity To Accommodate Your Notary Objectives And Agendas.

  • What are the steps do you have to take to have a document notarized?

Step One : ) To Request A Certified Notary Live, Face- To – Face , On Your Mobile Device , Simply Click Here : http ://, And Click On The ” Request A Notary Now ” Form. Or, Simply, Download The App!

Step Two: ) Once Your Notary Request Form Is Submitted, And You Have Emailed Or Uploaded Copies Of Your Document ( s ) ; Government ID ; And Proof Of Residence Within The Form , Or , Emailed Them Securely To Us, We Will Notify You Via Phone , To Recap And Review Your Notary Needs And Objectives.

Step Three : ) Connect Live To A Certified Notary On Your Mobile Device, And Sign Your Documents As They Witness Your Signature In ” Real Time ” .

Step Four 🙂 Your Documents Are Notarized, Sealed , And Stamped ; Then , The Document ( s ) Is Securely Returned To You Via Email.

  • Do you have an mobile app? 

Yes, simply go to : Notary4Rotary,com ; or, you may go to the Google Or Play Store, and search for : Notary4Rotary

GOOGLE PLAY STORE : Notary 4 Rotary


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