P DIGGA: “Like a Stripper” ft. DJ CHOSE – word-play skills, swagger and versatility!

P DIGGA: “Like a Stripper” ft. DJ CHOSE – word-play skills, swagger and versatility!

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P DIGGA means word-play skills, swagger and versatility. He will remind you of Fetty Wap, Beanie, Slim Thug and Lil’ Wayne rolled into one, but expresses himself on a different level and with a different voice. You can listen to his music from start to finish and just groove along. He definitely has talent and he brings a fresh new sound to the world of hip-hop and trap music.

pdigga-stripper-250P DIGGA’s latest track “Like a Stripper” ft. DJ CHOSE has been on constant repeat for a few days and I still haven’t gotten tired of it. It can be hard to sort through P DIGGA music because he puts out so much quality material. This track is definitely one of the best though.

MORE ABOUT: “Ugo” better known as P DIGGA is a US-based Nigerian Rapper, Producer, Singer and Entrepreneur. P DIGGA was born and grew up in Nigerian before relocating to United States to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. In 2012, he released a mixtape titled “Show me the psycho” which was hosted by New Mexico Dj (DJ ZERO). The Mixtape features 12 tracks with productions from Eno Will, Barron and as well as P DIGGA himself. Several singles from the mixtape had several spins from music radio in Europe USA and Africa. P DIGGA is also an aspiring actor/director. He has acted for both stage and Television and is working hard to transform the film industry with his visual effects. He is also in the studio working on new material.


Snapchat: itspdigga

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