Pipo has released his newest studio effort called ‘What You Need’

Pipo has released his newest studio effort called ‘What You Need’

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Pasadena, California The independent singer and songwriter Pipo has released his newest studio effort, a compelling new single called ‘What You Need.’ The track comes on the heels of his wildly successful previous single release, ‘Take My Hand.’ The new song is available to stream and download on all major music platforms!

Filippo Gabella, best known by his stage moniker, Pipo, is a nineteen year old performer of Chilean descent who performs and writes in both Spanish and English. His debut three years ago, a critically lauded EP entitled ‘We The Pipo,’ was notably successful on internet radio, cultivating an impressive following for the young artist. The years that followed have only grown that fan base, as Pipo has continued to develop his sound even further with each new release.

‘What You Need’ has released on YouTube  (https://youtu.be/ZZneuyhdbZk) in music video form as well, offering yet another beautifully shot, professional music video to complement a Pipo single. The singer’s attention to sonic and visual detail in his work is remarkable, and thus, each new music video from the performer offers fascinating insight into his artistry. He is currently busy shooting several more videos, too.

In the coming months, Pipo will unveil more new singles and a schedule for live performances this summer, including one in Chile. He is also collaborating with another artist, the details of which will be released later in the year. Fans can stay best connected with Pipo and updates on his work via his official website and social networking!



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