Prospect Lux: “Black Electrical” is staggering in its scope, skill, and beauty

Prospect Lux: “Black Electrical” is staggering in its scope, skill, and beauty

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Prospect Lux (Michael Spivack) is best known for his seamless blend of acoustic and electronic production. An NYC native, Spivack absorbed the micro-cultures around him from a young age creating a foundation of open thought and eclectic influences which continue to inform his musical palette.

“I began to realize this calling as something holy and essential to my being and that nothing else mattered more. I now strive to be at the front wave of modernity, being one of the artists contributing to the forward movement of the art form”.

“Black Electrical” is the single from Prospect Lux’s debut EP, entitled simply “EP 1”. The track blends the most immediate instrumental and lyrical details with an elaborate web of traditional musical roots. This body of work reaches out wide to draw in the ambient, pop, alternative-rock and electronic, with a touch of the troubadour in it too.

prospect-lux-350The result is a fully fleshed-out song that takes you on an artful journey, with the highest of highs and wretched lows – sometimes at the same time. On the surface, someone looking for a casual listen could just ease into this gorgeous reverb-drenched, slow-burning feast and enjoy, but why would they leave it there?

There’s nothing modern or trendy about this track, it’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime talented artist with an unusual singing voice, singing one timeless, well-crafted and moving song which sounds deeply personal, poetic, and resonant. As a lover of words, lyrics can be the absolute cincher for me.

Once I started hearing this song, there was no going back. A literal free-fall of swooning ensued. Prospect Lux tackles overarching concepts that could easily slip into the ordinary in less skilled hands. They never do here. The lyrics take these lofty, nebulous themes and bring them straight into reality, close enough to touch.

All of this is anchored with a voice that displays exquisite range in both pitch and power. Prospect Lux can be downright angelic when his voice is wrapped up in the vocoder effects. At other times, his voice is rich and shiver-inducing, perfectly matching every emotional challenge of the song at hand.

“Black Electrical” will take your breath away and is completely unforgettable. Turn off your radio and listen with your head and your heart and you’ll absolutely get it. The unrequited, wrenching and rending symphony that is this track is staggering in its scope, skill, and beauty.

When you hear artists like Prospect Lux, you should latch on, because there are so few really good ones. Moreover there’s an emotion buried in the voice and musical soundscape here, that just seems to seep from the ear buds into the bloodstream and then into the soul.


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