Quarry: “White Wishy Washy World” – breathing passion and impression into every note

Quarry: “White Wishy Washy World” – breathing passion and impression into every note

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Amazingly agile with both the English language and electronic musical instrumentation, as well as possessing a healthy grasp of production techniques, the talents of Quarry – an artist based in a small town on the outskirts of Oxford – is ready to impact the music industry with his track “White Wishy Washy World”. Quarry composes, sings and plays, and is aiming to tear down pop’s iconic ivory towers with his eclectic approach to songwriting, and melodies that stick like barnacle. Synthesized piano key and other electronic programming, played at mid-tempo speed, carry most of what is heard on this single, which is why it has a power pop feel with an indie twist. Quarry’s vocals also contribute to its pervading pop sound – the range of notes he continuously hits is typically on the higher end of the scale, and he isn’t afraid to hold them out on numerous occasions.

Quarry manages to keep his vocals sounding clean and refined despite the demands of no-room-to breathe, tongue twisting lyrics and a thumping beat. However, he has a wry voice and it’s usually evident at the end of most of the songs verses, where he bends notes like a soft toffee.

He often finds himself in a falsetto, sounding like he found inspiration from old soul records. “White Wishy Washy World”, beautifully exemplifies Quarry’s aforementioned capabilities, and the purposeful crack and fragility in his vocals provide the song’s emotional texture.

The songwriting is stellar and can definitely be appreciated by fans of modern and indie pop, as it exudes passion, antagonism, confrontation, empowerment and hunger for change. All wrapped inside relentless energy, an effervescent melody, and a defined sense of rhythm.

This finely-crafted, tightly-performed, concise and vivid alt-pop track, rarely misses a beat and shows Quarry’s willingness to grow beyond the structural boundaries that pop seems to impose on itself. It’s really hard to find an error on this record. The levels are just right, and there’s absolutely not a single wasted note, chord or lyric.

If you are in some sort of musical drought or even if you’re not, this is for you. “White Wishy Washy World” is so viscerally thrilling, it’s immediately likeable, even before you get to unravel the lyrics.

There’s a lot of profoundly pensive messages among the verbal gymnastics, disguised by the searing brightness of the music but still deciphered easily enough for those willing to parse through Quarry’s often-cryptic lyrics.

If it sometimes seems that “White Wishy Washy World” is bursting at the seams, it’s because it is. It has multiple musical hooks and assorted lyrical gems running rampant through its breathless structure.“White Wishy Washy World” is the sound of an artist breathing passion and impression into every note he is recording, while affronting cultural and existential issues head on.

At the same time, it resonates of an artist concerned with constructing an inspired and infectious modern indie pop anthem. With the all-round quality of this recording, Quarry almost makes sure that you’re unlikely to find another track of equal, effortless and captivating dexterity this year.


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