Rasha Jay: “High Dive” will suffice as pure sass on alternative rock radio!

Rasha Jay: “High Dive” will suffice as pure sass on alternative rock radio!

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Rasha Jay has released her second single off of her new EP of the same name, “High Dive”. The New Jersey resident has been singing for her entire life and credits her Uncle’s eclectic record collection as her inspiration. Her love of so many genres shows in her seamless fusion of sound. Rasha has come a long way since the independent release of her first EP “CICADA” in 2016. The release of her first single from her newest album was met with glowing praise for her “voice that Rock was crying for.” “High Dive” continues to prove that Rasha has a certain something to her voice and her songwriting which puts her above similar artists.

She has a flair for balancing vulnerability and a hard alternative edge. Rasha has an amazing voice, but also puts an emotion and a different style of singing into her music that really separates her from most Soul, R&B and Rock singers today. Rasha Jay will take you into the depths of her experiences, if you want to concentrate on her narrative. But for anyone who doesn’t want to go there, “High Dive” will suffice as pure sass on alternative rock radio.

If anything, this time around, the guitars and the atmosphere is more intense, and her voice is growing bigger in scope. She might almost be too tough a chick for any mainstream format right now, but crossing over to a more anemic sound seems like the least of her concerns.

It’s a treat to hear something this emotionally unfiltered that mixes in some mood-inducing keyboard charts to augment the raw meat of the lyrics, vocals and guitars. “High Dive”, a super-charged and powerful successor to her previous release.

The track kicks itself into motion with a strong showcasing of Rasha Jay’s powerful vocals. She takes control from bar one and asserts her strength. Exhibiting her confident side, and backed by a throbbing urgent production, she jams out with a catchy ear-piercing melody that grabs the listener and pulls them in.

Moving between moments of hard and soft, “High Dive” gives Rasha a chance to reveal her feelings and delve into the limits, losses and risks somebody is willing to engage if they really want something. At the same time she seems to be personally calling out someone’s bluff.

Rasha is working in perspectives that show her persistent, durable and honesty-seeking side. She provides listeners with an encapsulated journey of her taking control of her life, by challenging those she believes not to be real. This could refer to lover or a friend.

“High Dive” is a very exciting entry into Rasha Jay’s discography, hopefully she will continue to maintain her emotionally energized style and utilize it with the same effectiveness on future releases. With creative style mixes of soul, rock and blues, Rasha Jay is as diverse an artist as they come in the industry. And one thing certain about Rasha, is the fact that she’s honest and true in her musically creative style. We need a whole lot more of her!


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