Rawchaa – “Dark Place” blends a serious R&B beat with easy on the ear rapped verses

Rawchaa – “Dark Place” blends a serious R&B beat with easy on the ear rapped verses

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Rawchaa is based out of Detroit Michigan. He has been producing since 2009, and was once a part of the group 2-11 out of Detroit. Currently the artist is promoting his brand new single, “Dark Place”. When you connect the dots, after carefully listening to this recording, you are able to see the story come full circle.

In this precise moment Rawchaa is no longer just a rapper or a producer, but a true artist. Here he shows what makes an artist great and not just good – the ability to tell a story that will resonate with an audience.

“Dark Place” is wrapped up in relationship and emotional intricacies. Too often artists set out to make a record for themselves not for the masses, but they forget to make music that will resonate with the world.

Not only did Rawchaa make a record that is truly for himself, but he also made a record that is going to creep into the hearts and the conscience of many who have lived similar experiences.  The track gives us a glimpse into Rawchaa mindset at the stage of life he’s going through.

It feels like he writes the music from his point of view, but in such a way that when you listen to the track, it feels like you’re walking in his shoes with the vibes he is sending. He is clearly at a stage now where he can create freely and not have to worry about any label restrictions, and this comes through in the free-flowing music, as he blends a serious R&B beat with easy on the ear rapped verses.

Rawchaa should really be commended on putting out a project of such high standard. Right now it may sound like I am riding Rawchaa but to be fair, he really did deliver on “Dark Place”.

It seems like the artist has touched all bases, crossing out the necessary boxes on this track, as he delivers a combination of great production, word play, substance, and a bit of slow groove vibe to make the song an easy listen and a gem.

“Dark Place” is simply Rawchaa in his element, immersed in soulful production, while bearing his soul at the same time. It’s an honest, introspective Rawchaa that just about anybody can fall for. While most rappers are too scared to open up, Rawchaa has no problem being frank about both his insecurities and his certainties. It’s these type of tracks that will deeply resonate with listeners.

Throughout the track, it seems as if Rawchaa is just trying to make the best music that people can relate to, and his honesty shines through and through. “Dark Place” never tries to be flashy, or overwhelming, but stays 100% authentic, just like Rawchaa. An artist with the incredible gift of storytelling and a willingness to be completely open.


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