Rayne Michael: “Lil’ Boy” Remix Ft. Mizanari – a defining moment for the integration of rap, R&B and pop

Rayne Michael: “Lil’ Boy” Remix Ft. Mizanari – a defining moment for the integration of rap, R&B and pop

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Rayne Michael, has crafted some sort of exacting equation to creating catchy songs through a melding of choruses, melodies and heartfelt. Typically, if an artist sets out to create an album that consists almost entirely of songs that can live as singles in multiple genres…things don’t go so well. But, by some equation, with Rayne’s album, “Dare To Dream”, he took a shot at putting his project in the aforementioned situation and struck gold, literally. It is the moments of touching reality on the album that truly showed all that Rayne Michael is capable of as a musician.

He isn’t the kind of artist that relies on the main hook in the chorus to carry the weight of the track, no Rayne seems to inject countless melodic elements into his songs. Not to say that the choruses are weak, because they could easily stand on their own, but his multi-dynamic approach to his music makes for a profound and exciting listen.

Rayne’s beats provide the ideal amount of space for him to play with different melodic patterns and vocal ranges. One song can contain multiple instances where the flow and cadence are greatly altered, yet the beat remains the same, providing for one hell of an entertaining listen. All that and more can be found on his latest single, “Lil’ Boy” Remix Ft. Mizanari, which is a reworked track from the album, “Dare To Dream”.

“To say the song was written during the darkest period of my life would be a bit of an understatement,” explains Rayne. “In 2008, in a pit of depression and loneliness, shortly after I wrote this song, I attempted to commit suicide. I think it’s important to tell people that, because I look back on where I was 10 years ago, versus now, and am so grateful to be thriving and living life.”

Rayne met Mizanari via a music sharing website, the respect was reciprocal and the two got to work on the single engineered by Mottini Wilson, where Mizinari wrote and rapped a verse, giving the track an extra edginess. The production on “Lil’ Boy” Remix Ft. Mizanari is very impressive, the beat on this thing is atmospheric and layered subtly.

Rayne Michael performs the song around pretty simple keyboard progression, but it’s the layering that gives the song an intense sound out of sparse instrumentation. The beat never overwhelms the main focus: Rayne’s vocals, they merely provide the atmosphere and the rhythm and they do it very well. The transitions from verse to chorus on this record are on another level and would make any producer envious.

The high quality production, the seamless transitions, and Rayne Michael’s ability to litter the track with countless vocal hooks, melodies and counter-melodies make for a highly engaging listen. It is a defining moment for the integration of rap, R&B and pop – a pedestal of technical production, songwriting and soulful expression.



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