Realtopgreez Luciano: His his biggest influences allowed him to stay focused and committed

Realtopgreez Luciano: His his biggest influences allowed him to stay focused and committed

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Realtopgreez Luciano is a rap artist born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Realtopgreez says that his passion for music became more serious while he was incarcerated for five years. He also feels as if music is a way for him to express how he feels as well as it being another way for him to reflect on his past and the lessons he has learned from himself and others. Some of his biggest influencers that allowed him to stay focused and committed through his time in prison include artists like Drake, Kevin Gates, 38 Spesh, Chief Keef, and J Cole.

Since having been released from prison, Realtopgreez has been dropping single after single inspired by his thoughts and reflections during that time. His newest release includes a song titled “Too Messy”, also featuring solo artist SG Spliff. The inspiration behind the song was based off the realization that not all relationships are created equally.

Realtopgreez saw many relationships around him experiencing major issues on a daily basis that were realized by his having spent time away from day to day life and drama. He is now a firm believer that every person will experience at least one “messy” situation or relationship in their lifetime.

The song was also generated by his own experience with a toxic ex who stole his identity and iCloud information and began spreading rumors and false accusations about him. “This song is truly relatable because of the things I see with other couples and the things I experienced with my own past relationship.” Realtopgreez continues to release new music for his new audience.


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