Red Tan – “Be There For You” – opens up her heart and exams its contents

Red Tan – “Be There For You” – opens up her heart and exams its contents

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The evolution of a popular music, almost unlike any other genre, sinks its claws into everything that makes the performer a person. This is definitely the case with London based, Filipina singer and artist Red Tan, who loves to make music inspired by electro-pop and other modern styles. Perfectly attuning the musical accompaniment by Danny Hall to her own lyrical sentiment, Red Tan created the foundation for her stunning new single “Be There For You”, in a reputed 30 minutes, according to statements that have been filtering through. The song is a heartfelt dedication to her son, and forges the passion and positivity of the singer’s emotions, wrapped in a powerful and edgy backdrop that remains smoothly nutritious to the soul.

Unspeakably few artists could string together all of the above facets in this way. There’s deep honesty, a generation-spanning sentiment, and a sense of cohesion between the well-structured production and the personal narrative: that’s all just part of who Red Tan is.

Written while on her own in Southampton, “Be There For You” revels in the explorative modern-pop aesthetic, letting the delicate elements twinkle, and the afflictions bare their truths. Through it all, it’s the deep soul of Red Tan that shines dominantly.

On “Be There For You”, Red Tan performs a musical biopsy, opening up her heart and examining its contents with surgical precision. In that sense, the track is infused with both love and pain – soaked in a sense of conflicting emotion, between the realities of separation from families and loved ones due to physical distance.

Red Tan’s writing his vivid and the tone of her singing expressive, which deploys a captivating listening experience. The track feels like a women who completely understands the workings of her inner-self, and who appreciates those he holds dear.

Some of the best moments on “Be There For You” come when the music is subtly stripped down, allowing Red Tan to let the listener experience exactly what she’s feeling. What is evident is that this is a song where Red Tan fearlessly bares her soul for all to hear, and as a result the lyrics form an interesting element of the track. The cool sonic elements laid down by Danny Hall, and the quieter bridge add to the appeal, rounding out a beautiful song carefully balanced between illuminated beauty and a shadow of despair.

While promoting her single in the U.S., Red Tan got stranded due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing flight cancellations. This however didn’t stop the strong-minded artist from pursuing her initiatives, and releasing the music video for the single.

“Now more than ever, with the current Coronavirus situations affecting so many lives, people are feeling alone and helpless all around the world,” explained Red Tan in an interview, continuing: “A song like ‘Be There For You’ actually serves as a reminder that love wins and it is the strongest force on this Earth. I just thought that this is a perfect time to release the music video.”

Ultimately, “Be There For You” is a great song, and a solid single release for Red Tan. This track is well-crafted with a catchy melody, beautiful vocals, and an engaging rhythm that helps to get it stuck in your head all day. I look forward to Red Tan’s future endeavors with anticipation. “Be There For You” is currently available on Spotify, as well as other major music streaming platforms.



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