Reggae Dance hall artist Black Blunt Euphoria releases major Christmas Single!

Reggae Dance hall artist Black Blunt Euphoria releases major Christmas Single!

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Black Blunt Euphoria is an Indie Reggae Dance Hall Lover’s Rock artist from Galina, St. Mary Jamaica who started recording and writing music at an early age of 16 years old. Since then, Black Blunt Euphoria has been putting out hits after hits and has been grinding real hard in this music industry to stay on top with the best in the business.

“This Christmas” was written and recorded by Black Blunt Euphoria from Galina, St. Mary Jamaica and it is a Reggae Dance Hall Lover’s Rock Single about coming together as a family and enjoying the season.

It is about love, peace and unity. It is about having a cause to celebrate and be thankful for everything that was given to us throughout the years, but most of all, being thankful for this special time of the year that we can all gather together.

The “This Christmas” single is different, in that, it is not like the traditional Christmas songs that we all are accustom to hear or listen to, no, this one is in Reggae, Dance hall, Rub-a-dub style if you are real nice.

Get a copy when it drops and be sure to pick up the Ring Tone version of both singles: “This Christmas” and “Gyal Weh Me Love” Ring Tone versions will be available on December 19th Officially and Pre-Order on December 12th & 17th all on Apple iTunes stores.

Recently signed to Indie Label GI Records LLC, most of you will remember Black Blunt Euphoria from his first Single solo project, “Gyal Weh Me Love” that has been creating a buzz and made it onto the France Radio music charts.

Black Blunt Euphoria has kept himself busy all the while in the studio grinding away while the label has been instrumental in pushing his music towards gaining the attention of well-known international magazines and blogs.


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