Reveries: “Into The Light” – Attitude abounds, and there are vicious grooves to be found

Reveries: “Into The Light” – Attitude abounds, and there are vicious grooves to be found

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Born in New Delhi, and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Nikhil Suresh started the thrash metal band Reveries in 2007. The 25-year-old Nikhil is an adept guitarist, bassist and vocalist. The composition of songs and the creation of music is his driving passion. Cloud Connected by Flames and a couple of other Iron Maiden pieces got him into the genre as he continues to be inspired by the likes of Megadeth, Pantera, Children of Bodom and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Nikhil Suresh
Nikhil Suresh

The Reveries’ latest single release is the track “Into The Light”. And straight from the word go it is clear that the Reveries make the kind of bone-crushing music that inspires one to find out just how loud their stereo can actually go.

Musically, this track is rock solid and does everything this genre asks for and does it better. Nikhil Suresh speed riffing is all the way through the track, along with brutal and extremely tight heavy drumming. The bass also thuds its way along with the guitar all of the way through.

Nuresh’s growling vocals fit in well with all of the music. “Into The Light” has some excellent rhythm and while this record is pretty heavy metal, the listener may find themselves bopping along to a lot of the music. Reveries have something that a lot of similar bands don’t: groove.

And this track gets the groove exactly right, making the rhythm awesome to listen to. Suresh’s solos are of course, extremely good, fast, and lusciously layered on top of more guitar tracks for a full and harmonic sonic experience.

The musicianship is machine-gun tight and takes absolutely no prisoners, as the track as a whole is extremely high in both quality and personality. “Into The Light” is the auditory embodiment of getting punched in the face, while the guitar tones are fit to strip the paint off of walls.

The Reveries have achieved a level of cohesion here which few bands ever reach. Each sinew of the muscles flexed by the considerable brawn of the rhythm section is bent on the colossal task of pushing the battering ram that is the vocals.

Attitude abounds, and there are vicious grooves to be found throughout, which play a supporting role to the vocals and the overall atmosphere rather than being the main attraction. The brave listener is rewarded with a skull-splitting heavy mantra by the Reveries, which may also serve as a battle cry for anyone who is tired of the mainstream nu-metal scene.


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