Revolushn: “Little Red Dolls” – total performance confidence!

Revolushn: “Little Red Dolls” – total performance confidence!

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I’ve only been listening to Revolushn for a couple days, but they’ve quickly become one of my favorite go to bands when I’m tired of the radio. With each listen I become more impressed by their indie Psych Rock style which is flavored with a whole lot of everything thing else . They’ve come up with an incredible combination of styles with elements of psych, alt-rock, blues, and country, along with energy approaching funk and techno. For a band to create rocking, beautiful, energetic, dark, dynamic, psychedelic, uplifting, and melancholy moods while always sounding unique is as much as anyone could achieve. The raw power and talent from each one of these guys, and girls, is inspiring, as they epitomize the free spirit and creativity that can still be found in music.

Revolushn started out as a studio band, recording their first album, “The Freshman”, but soon realized that they could get serious as an ongoing unit. This led to their second album “Further”, which was released in 2017, and produced by Aaron Connor (Bone Thugs and Harmony, Brenda Carlyle, Ed Sheeren). It was recorded at Cypher Sound Studio in Kansas City.

The end of 2018 saw the band drop the single and video for “Little Red Dolls”, which further consolidates their status as one of indie Psych Rock’s absolute protagonists. Pristinely produced on this track, Revolushn are still able to unleash their most visceral attributes and their ability to make records that totally grow on you and seep into your skin listen after listen.

It may be a cliché, but their music is so refreshing. There’s no arrogance or pretension, just a band with a set of strong ideas, and total performance confidence, rocking out. The music is so rich – the guitars, drums, keyboards and bass work so tightly – that you feel like you can reach out and touch it. Is the music derivative? Of course it is.

Do you know anything after Beethoven and the Beatles that isn’t? What separates bands like Revolushn from the pack, is that they do justice to any influences they may have, and in some cases even allow themselves the luxury of surpassing some of them. “Little Red Dolls” certainly helps to bring indie cred and artistic edge to Psych Rock, so that it doesn’t drift into the realm of the outdated and unfashionable again.

So who are Revolushn? Guitarist NO, who also handles keyboards and vocals, is a true master of tone and effects, he uses wide range of textures, his riffs are unique and interesting and solos are explosive. He shares these comprehensive six-string duties with Young Sun, who also takes care of the mandolin when needed.

The bass by Guinevere Q NBFD complements the Revolushn sound perfectly, with great tone, and never merely following along. The drums courtesy of DEKAY are solid, tasteful, and further expand the wide range of intensity in the band’s arrangements. Coloring in the spaces in between is Schubert Ola on keyboards. Revolushn also have a line-up of studio collaborators who chip in when needed.

As an entry into the band’s catalogue “Little Red Dolls” is as good a starting point as any, and for those who know them already this is simply a track that does everything you need it to do. The song weaves its way through a hypnotic guitar soaked jam, a chugging beat and an opiate melody before reaching a crescendo of fiery styled soloing. Bottom line: Get yourself a good pair of headphones and let the hypnotic power Revolushn take you over!


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