Richy Brigante is making waves with the track “FaceTime Thot”

Richy Brigante is making waves with the track “FaceTime Thot”

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Richy Brigante is a new face or may we say upcoming artist in the music industry, but raps as if he’s been in the game for a while. He is an unsigned rapper from “The First State” formally known as Wilmington Delaware where many of his talented peers reside.

“Small city big dreams” Richy Brigante implies in his music. With the influence of The Notorious BIG, Brigante samples “Notorious Thugz” for his new single “FaceTime Thot”. Richy pays homage to the hip hop pioneer while rapping about how to finesse his way with woman, just by talking to them over FaceTime, while also sampling FaceTime call sounds.

He is currently working on forthcoming mixtape “Cortez” along with other Wilmington Delaware natives.

Richy Brigante is also on radio rotation with the track “FaceTime Thot”



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