Rio Suavey:  “Cognac” Produced by BackPack – working towards his Ep release

Rio Suavey: “Cognac” Produced by BackPack – working towards his Ep release

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Mario Hill (aka Rio Suavey), who at times acts like a comical genius, had his sights set on becoming a big time producer. He began to pursue writing and rapping at the age of 13. His love of music, especially hip hop, grew into an obsession after being influenced by successful artists like 2Pac & Dr. Dre. He started out with a desire to be a famous rapper and eventually developed a passion for being an all-around entertainer.

A few months back Rio Suavey dropped his track, “Cognac” Produced by BackPack ( And he has come hard with this track, there is no other rappers doing what he has done on this one. Suavey is holding onto his trademark Rap style in a market that has Pop music as the top selling genre of entertainment.

the single cover
the single cover

Rio Suavey’s flow, wordplay, and delivery has gotten even better since last year’s “Yeen Nun”(Prod. By PlayboiOnDaTracc.Com). I’m sure most fans were at the very least expecting Rio Suavey to keep his latest track as raw and tight as “Yeen Nun” was, and “Cognac” does that and more.

It’s usually by the third release where fans are going to start wondering when the artist is going kick some real ass. I mean dropping real life joints because there are a plethora of issues in all of the hoods every day that need to be overcome. That is what separated 2Pac from everyone else. Being influenced by the man, Rio Suavey already knows this.

“Cognac” is Rio Suavey’s third single release in a row after “Yeen Nun” and “Behind 16 Bars”, as he works his way towards his new Ep. In the meantime Suavey is happy to fork out banging anthems like “Cognac” Produced by BackPack, to ride out to – and to be honest, so are we!

Hip Hop has always been about braggadocio and bravado since its inception and will never change. However, at some point, an artist’s longevity will be determined by whether he switches up his releases without losing his loyal following. So keep a lookout for the new Ep release by Rio Suavey, to see just how far he switches up from here!


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