RMZ Keez NataS: “On Lock”- Potent lyrical imagery, intoxicating beat work

RMZ Keez NataS: “On Lock”- Potent lyrical imagery, intoxicating beat work

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RMZ Keez NataS is an artist and writer from RoMeZHooD RevolutionaryMotivationZone. He is the cousin of one half of the popular Birmingham Rap Group ‘Lotto Boyzz’. And also the cousin of award-winning actor and singer Matt Henry. It is obvious by his content that music in his DNA. RMZ Keez Natas grew up in a Rastafarian family and lives by most principles adhering to Haile Selassie’s speech about no deity worshipping. Hence he promotes self-motivation and self-reliance through his music. “On Lock” is RMZ Keez NataS’ debut single, and as you can imagine it is a unique piece of work.

In today’s music world, having the ability to perfect multiple sounds is impressive, but overdone. Sometimes it’s exhausting to listen to after a while. Almost every heavily anticipated release this year, and the last, has had that theme, which isn’t a bad thing because it sells records. However, RMZ Keez NataS new single has a simplicity that is refreshing and a great palette cleanser.

It’s dark and mysterious, but uses a single catchy Middle Eastern flavored melody line, which rides on a deep resonating bassline. It’s almost as if the rapper already has a signature sound right from the get-go. It was created for two reasons: to ride out to, and to blow the loudest bud to – apart from the lyrical messages RMZ Keez NataS is handing out.  Wafting walls of sound whisk listeners from verse to verse like in a stream of consciousness flashbacks.

RMZ Keez NataS’ bars are consistent. His mush-mouthed flow is measured, as he never gets too excited, and is always in control of the scenery he’s painting. Potent lyrical imagery, intoxicating beat work and a strong connection to its theme make this one track to keep coming back to. RMZ Keez NataS presents some impressive rhyme schemes while the production had me unconsciously nodding my head along with the vibe of the song.

RMZ Keez NataS is just so damn committed on top of this unusual beat. The revolutionary independent rapper that indie fans will surely learn to love has little in common with his so called peers, or any of their incarnations. He exists in the wake of his own ideas and ideals.

Freed of major label concerns, or living in the footsteps of more successful mainstream artists, RMZ Keez NataS’ strong presence and peculiarities seep through every note of his music, and it won’t just simply be the hip hop heads taking notice.

Impressively constructed, RMZ Keez NataS’ has managed to add different ingredients into “On Lock” and still make it one unified dish. His work ethic is on point, as are his bars. He’s doing what he wants, allowing his creative verve to take the lead.

His flow, built on straight up front wordplay and vivid images, avoids the easy punch lines or the loud vitriol. RMZ Keez NataS tends to be less abrasive, and far more compelling than many of his contemporaries. “On Lock” is a case study in style and commitment.


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