Robert Eberle, Versa the Band & Don Da Menace – “Enough”

Robert Eberle, Versa the Band & Don Da Menace – “Enough”

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The Black Lives Matter movement is a hard-hitting subject that undeniably deserves a voice through song and protests. 15-year-old Robert Eberle joined forces with fellow musicians Versa the Band & Don Da Menace to create the powerful anthem “Enough” to express their feelings and frustration about police brutality and the mistreatment of people of color.

Robert Eberle

Fans of political hip-hop who are looking to hear a new voice speak out for current events will enjoy this track, featured on most streaming networks with an exclusive video on YouTube. The dynamic blend of emotions and original talent makes “Enough” a track to repeat.

Don Da Menace


Versa the Band

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