Sabet and Doherty – ‘The Secret’ will undoubtedly have audiences spellbound

Sabet and Doherty – ‘The Secret’ will undoubtedly have audiences spellbound

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From the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple’s music scene, two talented musicians stumbled upon each other as mere side musicians in a NYC band. However, fate had more in store for Steven Sabet and Brian Doherty, for they soon found themselves bonding over their shared passion for songwriting. It wasn’t until Doherty got his hands on some home studio equipment that the duo’s musical partnership blossomed into something more. Sabet wasted no time in sending over some tracks for Doherty to test out his new gear and engineer his own sessions. The results were nothing short of extraordinary, and the two knew they had to pursue writing and recording together. Their debut 5 song EP, released in March of 2020, was a taste of what was to come.

Receiving rave reviews for their work, Sabet and Doherty knew they had something special. Their current EP, ‘The Secret’, is a true testament to their musical prowess. It showcases their skills as not only songwriters but producers and musicians as well. Prior to their collaboration, Doherty made a name for himself as a drummer with the likes of They Might Be Giants, Freedy Johnston, and Ben Folds. Sabet, on the other hand, played guitar in bands such as Darby Jones and MORE before taking on the role of Concert Master in the NJ Guitar Orchestra. By day, the duo who both hail from the Garden State, are music educators.

With a confident stride into the future, the opening track and titular anthem of the album, The Secret’, delivers a stunning blend of mellifluous vocals and infectious guitar riffs. The energy builds to a crescendo, igniting a roaring, rock-infused track that will undoubtedly have audiences spellbound until the final chord.

The polished, yet gritty and melodious rumble of ‘You Will’, features richly layered harmonies and fiery guitar motifs. Each track thus far, is gorgeously and skillfully crafted, marrying irresistible lyrics and tuneful vocals with a nostalgic sonic richness.

The twangy guitars and weighty ambiance of ‘At The Brink Of Dawn’ introduce an epic post-rock-like landscape reminiscent of the best Explosions In The Sky releases. The track gradually ascends to an impressive sonic summit that is sure to leave guitar-driven instrumental fans awestruck. ‘DLMD’ maintains the grit and momentum of the crunchy guitars but reintroduces the vocals, which infuses a comforting and relatable quality into the recording.

While the EP, ‘The Secret’, radiates instrumental confidence, the vocals ooze with honesty, urgency, and emotion. Yet, it’s Sabet and Doherty’s talent for crafting tracks that instantly capture the listener’s attention that truly sets them apart.

The forceful guitar-rooted songwriting is focused, compact and executed with precision, each song feeling like a call to action. ‘The Secret’ represents the sound of a band fully embracing their potential, with Sabet and Doherty taking a deep breath and courageously stepping forward into the next phase of their careers.

With the release of ‘The Secret’, the world is now privy to the talents of Brian Doherty (vocals, drums, percussion, and keys), Steve Sabet (guitars, keys, and bass on DLMD), and John Yates (bass). Backing vocals on ‘You Will’, are expertly performed by Vaneese Thomas.

The EP is a true collaborative effort, which was recorded and produced by both Doherty and Sabet, mixed by the latter, and mastered by Matrix Audio. The stunning photo on the cover was taken by Dima Pechurin, and the layout was crafted by Paul Moran. ‘The Secret’ is available for streaming now, and it’s an absolute must-listen for any true music aficionado.


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