Sage – “Believe” (ft. JK Homes) – an all-embracing production

Sage – “Believe” (ft. JK Homes) – an all-embracing production

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An artist, music producer, photographer and videographer, Sage grew up in Nigeria and is studying in Hungary as a medical student. Recently the budding creative released his debut single, entitled “Believe” (ft. JK Homes). To get a better grasp of what this producer is capable of, I ran through Sage’s catalog of beats. It shows an evolution of musical progression that blends a diversity of styles into a brilliant cohesive body of music. Choosing to color beyond the lines and create what others haven’t heard Sage shows zero fear when it comes to his song writing. He’s consistently creative and his choices are more than often absolutely captivating. Sage’s production style perfectly complements his various beats.

“Believe”, brings home Sage’s virtuoso ability to craft tracks with depth and character. He allows JK Homes’ vocals to shine and dictate the momentum of the instrumental. Resulting in a lush, soulful song that perfectly blends together, showcasing the chemistry between the producer and the artist.

The narrative tells of a love lost, but desired to be regained: “At the end of the day I miss you / I know you want me too / Just like how I want you / You always in my head / Baby girl I’m on you.” Sage into steps boldly into the world of urban music, by taking a detour through a hip-hop and R&B groove, featuring an outstanding melody line and luscious harmonies.

The listener is consumed with a mellow, heartwarming vibe which has a strong semblance to the latest melodramatic Trap styles. JK Homes gives an inspiring vocal performance. He sounds personal and involved, delivering the lyrics with lingering emotions that transcend audio and bring the listener to places only found in memories.

This makes for the perfect collaboration with Sage’s all-embracing production. You will be blown away by the song’s rhythm, style, and tone, and though this debut is impressive from the first listen, on repeated scrutiny, the Nigerian born producer’s composition reveals itself to have just as much meaty substance as it has charming luster.

“Believe” (ft. JK Homes) serves as reminder of Sage’s expert ear and prodigious talent for creating a great beat. Listening to this song, or any other music by Sage, what becomes clear is the attention to detail that goes into making his tracks. Every kick, snare, or clap, usually layered with shimmering keys, gives off a colorful vibe.

But what makes him stand out from the popular electronic producers, is his versatility. Run through his beats and you’ll find a wealth of styles. Sage’s beats are extremely uplifting and give the listener an alluring spark of energy, regardless of the tempo.

Listening to “Believe”, it became clear to me that Sage has a talent in being able to make artists illuminate their own voices, giving them an individuality when they feature on his tracks. This song is a perfect example of that, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if both of these creatives worked together again.

Right from the get-go of his debut release, Sage shows that he could easily and comfortably sit alongside some of the best producers in the game right now. “Believe” (ft. JK Homes) will tell you why!


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