Samie Bisaso releases brand new single ”Your Love’ from upcoming album

Samie Bisaso releases brand new single ”Your Love’ from upcoming album

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Award winning recording artist, singer and song writer, Samie Bisaso, unveiled his new single, titled ”Your Love” which is lifted off his brand new upcoming album . In the footsteps of his successful, critically acclaimed and award winning album, ”Million Pieces” which was released in 2016, Samie bounces right back with all the passion that has distinguished his career thus far, to launch yet another deliciously produced and executed track for his fans.

“Your Love” was officially released in May 25th 2017 and is available worldwide on all major digital music platforms. ”The song ‘Your Love’’, empowers listeners to find comfort and strength in God’s unfailing love,” explained Samie, continuing: “God’s love is everlasting, and compares to none! It’s an incredible song to reach the corners of the heart and to inspire the soul. Though our feelings come and go, but God’s love doesn’t,” exclaimed the devout Christian singer.

“There’s nothing better than knowing God, and that God loves you and that he’s always there take care of you. God proved His love on the cross when Christ hung; it was God saying to the world, I love you! We must recognize and trust His unfailing love! I hope you’ll explore, and experience how deep the Love of Christ really is,” remarked Samie joyfully.

Christian songs are generally divided into two huge categories. There’s a category where a particular song can be brought into a church thus being sung together in a service. This category usually contains adoration words in the lyrics.

The other, is where the song will just be there in your music player device. It can’t be sung in a church because the story behind is not generic enough for everybody. Samie Bisaso is one songwriter that specialized in creating songs that generic enough to be sung by everybody and yet personal enough to put in you media for your ears only.

And whether or not Samie Bisaso words will move your heart closer to the Kingdom of God, you cannot deny that his worship is genuine. Samie Bisaso new song“Your Love”, lives up to its title, keeping the focus squarely on the person, and work of Jesus, in the life of the believer. As always Samie Bisaso keeps the listener focused on the core of the gospel.

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