Sandeep Lama – ‘Samaya’ – heartfelt and effective in its emotional impact

Sandeep Lama – ‘Samaya’ – heartfelt and effective in its emotional impact

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Sandeep Lama is a singer/songwriter from Kathmandu, Nepal, based in Arizona. ‘Samaya’ is his debut single, arranged and produced by John Agbozo. The soundscape is constructed on a bed of rich organic instrumentation, where echoing pianos, warm strings, rolling basslines and resonant horns create an enchanting and contemporary, classic adult-pop atmosphere. The mix is warm and vibrant, allowing each individual instrument to be easily recognized – something not common in modern music anymore – while Sandeep Lama’s crystal clear voice soars above it all with effortless comfort.

‘Samaya’ is performed in the Nepali language and the song title translates to ‘Time’ in English. The song speaks about the fleeting nature of time and its effect on relationships. The lyrics express the singer’s desire to know who can win over destiny in the unstoppable flow of time. The song’s emotional theme revolves around the idea that time is a precious resource, and every moment should be treasured because it may never come again.

The lyrics of Sandeep Lama’s song ‘Samaya’ are heartfelt and effective in their emotional impact, conveying the singer’s vulnerability and longing for his lover. The opening lines “Who wins in the speed of time / Today is here, tomorrow is where” set the tone for the rest of the song, emphasizing the importance of living in the present moment and cherishing the time we have. This sentiment is echoed throughout the song, with lines like “This moment will pass, let’s not waste time” and “Life is an open bag for us, let’s enjoy it!”

The chorus of the song, with its repetition of the lines “Ah! Don’t leave me alone and go to a foreign land / Ah! I’ll be alone again, won’t I meet you? / I can follow you. / I can follow you,” showcases the singer’s desperation and fear of losing his love. The repetition of these lines emphasizes Sandeep Lama’s longing and his desire to hold onto his love.

The verses of the song delve deeper into the complexities of the singer’s relationship, with lines like “My love is soft, you are tough, that’s the difference” and “Even though I try, there are many questions in my mind today / Will you come back or not?” These lines show the contrast between Sandeep Lama’s vulnerability and his lover’s strength, as well as his uncertainty about the future of their relationship.

Overall, Sandeep Lama’s ‘Samaya’ is a poignant and relatable song that captures the universal experience of love and the passage of time. The singer’s vulnerability and longing are palpable in the lyrics, making it a memorable and emotive ballad. Sandeep’s voice is powerful and nuanced, perfectly able to transport the listener into his emotional state, regardless of the language the song is performed in, which is an affirmative nod to his skillset.


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