SaraSoUnique is a singer, rapper and music producer

SaraSoUnique is a singer, rapper and music producer

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Sara Denne McCoy, professionally known as SaraSoUnique, is a singer, rapper and music producer. She was born in Bridgeport Connecticut and raised in North Carolina. SaraSoUnique’s parents discovered that she had a shockingly impressive singing voice at age 2. She was inspired to write her first rap song at age 14.

SaraSoUnique says, over the years she has always been into having fun beating on desks in school or on the walls at home with her hands, fist and knuckles to play beats. Her friends and family would begin to feel the urge to dance and they would begin dancing to the beat she was making.

In her early 20’s she found out how she could record beats on her laptop and later, on her cellphone. SaraSoUnique quickly took off from there and never looked back. The artist now has a single out on all streaming platforms called “Runnin’ Up the Check” which was released on June 4th, 2021. SaraSoUnique says that the only time she looks back is to see how far she’s come and to appreciate where she’s come from because it made her who she is today.


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