“Save the Children” – LP The Empowerer & Jay Cross

“Save the Children” – LP The Empowerer & Jay Cross

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The first track waste no time and kicks off the#record with a melancholy #piano intro and goes off right into a #beat and flow that reminds me a bit of Ice T. The chorus of this track is both #honest, true and it gets #stuckinyourhead.

One of my #favorite tracks off this record is If You Want. The #bassline goes a bit rouge and does its own thing and I love it. This is the track where the#rhythm and dictation shines like the brightest star. The verse is hard, but #JayCross makes it look easy. Trust me, it’s not! This right here, is #puremagic.

Reasons Seasons is the #perfect end to a #greatrecord. The telephone intro and the illusion of a phone call is a cool thing to do. Don’t think I have ever heard this in a record before?

All in all I have to say that I am way beyond impressed both by the artist and the producer @JayCross There is an understanding to#songwriting, how a song is build and a vocal technique that’s way up there with some of the greats of the business. If you haven’t heard already, I can recommend this mix tape and I sincerely hope that you do, cuz this is something you don’t wanna miss!

ps. This is a side of this artist I think you all should know about: “Save the Children is a spiritual & social look into the #betterment practices needed to continue a #happy existence as #humans on this planet. Brought to life by producer Jay Cross from the #UK ….this mix tape is dedicated to all people worldwide.”

#savethechildren @soulpromusicuk #lptheempowerer //FREEDOWNLOAD// #hiphop #culturalawareness #uk #usa #loa


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