SHALOC RENAISSANCE – The Embodiment Of Reviving The Art, Rebirth & Renewal

SHALOC RENAISSANCE – The Embodiment Of Reviving The Art, Rebirth & Renewal

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SHALOC RENNAISSANCE hails from Pittsburgh, PA. He has been creating music for over 20 years as a “positive outlet.” He was introduced to BOB MARLEY’S music when he was in high school and grew up in the “Golden Era” of HIP HOP. SHALOC began writing lyrics, about his life experiences in the inner city, and expressed his musical talents throughout the city. Upon graduating from high school, SHALOC attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he gained experience about recording equipment, digital synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and live instruments in their audio and music program.

At the age of 19, SHALOC lost his brother to gang violence. He found refuge in music and really began to see just how much of a role it played in his life. Music became the therapy that would help him heal from his brother’s traumatic passing and the PTSD associated with it. Because of the positivity and creativity being birthed from exploring music – giving up wasn’t an option for SHALOC.

SHALOC further honed his musical skills by performing in popular Pittsburgh venues, such as Frankie’s, Rosebud, Mellon Park, Dowe’s on 9th street, Shadow Lounge and other various locations. He also performed with a number of artists and producers representing Pittsburgh, Ohio, Atlanta, & Florida to name a few.

From 2003-2010, SHALOC formed POWA- HOUSE UNLIMITED ENTERTAINMENT – producing some of the city’s hottest mixtape releases, as well as creating & promoting some of the city’s livest local shows! Recently, reinventing himself as a musical artist, his evolved identity is SHALOC RENAISSANCE, which simply translates “I AM THE EMBODIMENT OF REVIVING THE ART, REBIRTH & RENEWAL”.

He’s created an innovative, musical and cultural brand called “Renaissance Authentic Music” ( R.A.M. ), producing high-quality visual and lyrical content, and eye catching fashion to engage and inspire his fan base. SHALOC also dedicates his time to his inner city youth mentorship program.

Birthed from his own experiences – this initiative was created for the inner city youth as a positive outlet. SHALOC knows all too well the negative influences children can be exposed to in neighborhoods like the one he grew up in


IG: @shaloc_renaissance – FB: @ShalocRenaissance1


Youtube Official Video:

Spotify & Apple Music: Shaloc Renaissance “Gritty City”

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