Singer Em is Set to Ascend the Charts in Soulful Shades of Goth Pop with “Say What You Mean”

Singer Em is Set to Ascend the Charts in Soulful Shades of Goth Pop with “Say What You Mean”

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Singer Em is Set to Ascend the Charts in Soulful Shades of Goth Pop with Hypnotic Single/Video “Say What You Mean”

Em is a dazzling and highly purposed new singer/songwriter who – after a decade-plus of intense study and experiences – stands at the precipice of a breakthrough via her astounding new song and video, “Say What You Mean.”

The piece weds pointed lyrics about forthrightness in a relationship to an otherworldly yet pop-friendly musical sound-scape. Produced by Chris Young, the song is the centerpiece of the lady’s self-titled 7-song EP, Em (single distributed via The Sound of L.A. Records).

New Jersey-native Em (short for Emily) elucidates, “Music is a very spiritual experience for me. ’Say What You Mean’ is a universal message and represents the ethereal, emotional side of my writing. I’m a huge romantic and 100% ‘in’ when I’m in a relationship. ‘Say What You Mean’ is about wanting someone to love me with every fiber of their being…to be as sure of our love as I am.”

Em’s sensually and supernaturally mesmerizing video was helmed by Parris Mayhew. Em is dressed in a provocative gown, her raven hair streaked in white, deep red lipstick setting off bewitching green eyes and mystical elements such as ghostly clones, tarot cards and raindrops that turn to tears.

Scenes of Em in her boudoir and wandering through her glass house visually capture the dichotomy of a vulnerable woman longing to be wholly adored. “My video is a little reminiscent of Lana Del Rey in her storytelling and the way it portrays ‘The Divine Feminine’ in a cinematic style,’ Em states. “Women of today but through a `50s and `60s lens. The raindrops represent teardrops and renewal – a cleansing of the spirit, and what you won’t tolerate in your aura and around you.”

Highly prolific and purposed, Em is already in the midst of completing another EP before year’s end, working with famed Motown producer Michael B. Sutton (Sound of Los Angeles Records) and Gregor Stobie of Glasgow, Scotland. After a long climb to self-actualization as a woman and artist, Em is ready for her close up. “My mission is to help people heal, and connect closer to God and their truth.”

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