Southern Comfort Entertainment Presents EXTRAORDINAIRE: “Bread And Butter”

Southern Comfort Entertainment Presents EXTRAORDINAIRE: “Bread And Butter”

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Southern Comfort Entertainment recently announced EXTRAORDINAIRE’s new release “Bread And Butter” hosted by DJ Wally Sparks. The tracks were mostly produced by Extraordinaire except for ALL TO THE GAME and I LET A STRIPPER WRITE THIS SONG produced by TYREE BKMG. BREAD & BUTTER and MARATHON produced by CIRCA 94 BEATS, and EL CAPITAN produced by DJ POCKET & EXTRAORDINAIRE.

extraordinaire-bab-coverThere are also guest appearances by Killer Mike, Lil Boosie, Project Pat, Too Short, Tyree BKMG, Black Folk Inc. and Young Exclu, to name a few. There may be plenty of MCs with more socially enlightened content to their rhymes than EXTRAORDINAIRE.  However there are few with a more distinct delivery and natural flow. The BREAD & BUTTER mixtape showcases his sheer, unadulterated rhyming skill.

Don’t sleep on this release, it is grittier and more vibrant than his previous releases and just as catchy.  Any one of the tracks here contains stunning, astounding rhymes. Just listening to the relentless, incendiary first verses of the lead single SHIFTING GEARS featuring LIL BOOSIE (BADAZZ) & BLACK FOLK INC is enough to blow you straight off your feet. The numerous collaborators on these tracks are stunning too, as they sweep up the lyrical fragments left behind after EXTRAORDINAIRE annihilates it!

Accompanying EXTRAORDINAIRE’s unparalleled talent for rhyme is a taste for shock-value lyrics, which makes a deadly combination. The arrangements boast driving drum beats and basslines to support EXTRAORDINAIRE’s dazzling vocals, while some occasional mellow, soulful samples round out the tracks with a nice touch of sophistication without crowding EXTRAORDINAIRE flow. Anyone expecting huge, flashy arrangements will find that too, however these productions are designed to support the emcee, and in my humble opinion it succeeds.

extraordinaire-bab-400EXTRAORDINAIRE is not a dumb rapper just cussing and saying mean things about people. Instead this is a bunch of street-based rap that is on the real. A classic album usually contains no track skipping songs, and this is the case her. Every song has a message and a certain style. My favorites include: ALL TO THE GAME featuring TYREE BKMG, BAD KARMA featuring YOUNG EXCLU, SHIFTING GEARS featuring LIL BOOSIE (BADAZZ) & BLACK FOLK INC,  BREAD & BUTTER featuring REGGIE LONG OF REEL TIGHT & FLOSIAH, EL CAPITAN featuring BLACK FOLK INC & BOOBEE, ONE THAT GOT AWAY featuring REGGIE LONG OF REEL TIGHT, LET A STRIPPER WRITE THIS SONG featuring TYREE BKMG and ANOTHER DAY (REMIX) featuring REEL TIGHT, BRIKK of PINNEY WOODS (R.I.P), & FAT CAT (R.I.P).

EXTRAORDINAIRE has some serious potential. His rhyme style comes off smoothly with wit and ill multi-syllable wordplay. He is establishing himself as a creator of pure, musical, and lyrical hip hop that is easy for the mainstream to appreciate.

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