Star Boyz Music Group Releases Redboyy – “Rihyonce (She Flawless)” single, before upcoming EP

Star Boyz Music Group Releases Redboyy – “Rihyonce (She Flawless)” single, before upcoming EP

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Star Boyz Music Group is a highly established one and these days, it is planning to release an EP for Redboyy, who is a famous artist who has taken the world by storm after his new single known as ‘Rihyonce (She Flawless)’. Right after it was released, the single was very well received by the fans of the artist as well as by others in different parts of the world. His music and new single is being counted in the wave of new music that is gaining popularity through every passing day.

Even as he is a new artist, Redboyy has managed to acquire a solid numbers of fans from various regions across the globe. The hip hop track has achieved over 100k streams on Spotify, which is pretty impressive, and the number only seems to be increasing within the passage of time. Redboyy will soon be seen to be performing at the Latin Low Car Show on the 3rd of October. He will also be attending the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, in the middle of October.


Since Redboyy himself is the CEO and the main artist on the label, the name of the EP is going to be ‘The Moon High’ and for those who are already anticipating the new single, the date for release has not been decided yet. However, the scheduling has been done for late October and early November so fans have been recommended to keep a track on it. In the world of entertainment, Redboyy is making a lot of noise and he continuously proves to be better and better by working with top notch DJs and other artists within the industry.

Rihyonce (She Flawless) is currently available on iTunes for $0.99 only and those who have not yet heard it must truly not miss it this time. With the genre being Hop-hop/rap as well as R&B/Soul, the track caters to people with all kinds of music preferences. The track was officially released on 10th May, 2015 an ever since has been a splendid hit worldwide. Redboyy has official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also SoundCloud. Right now, he is open to work with people of his own genre from within the music industry.


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Star Boyz Music Group is now planning to release more EPs for Redboyy, who is the lead artist and the CEO of the group and plans to make more noise in the music industry.





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