StoneYardRebel: “Freedom on Flames” Ft Skyzoo awakens the minds of the masses

StoneYardRebel: “Freedom on Flames” Ft Skyzoo awakens the minds of the masses

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StoneYardRebel is a musical duo from Queens New York made of the artists S-Kal and Germ Warfare. The duo has just released their single “Freedom on Flames” Ft Skyzoo produced by Canai Finch. The political impulse in rap music tends to come and go, but the past few years have been extraordinarily bad for enlightened hip-hop, now StoneYardRebel are bringing a much-needed social conscience to an otherwise materialistic genre. S-Kal and Germ Warfare is a group of articulate hip-hop artist for whom hip-hop and socio-political matters may be entwined passions.

Sonically, StoneYardRebel’s melodic, hypnotic, razor-sharp soundscapes, tear into the hypocrisies of the social structure with a winning mixture of fierce anger and clear-eyed compassion, they use this debut single to attack everything wrong in our current day system without coming off as preachy or self-righteous.

While other rappers are telling us all about the guns, drugs and which hoe did it with who last night, these guys devote their time to give us insight and thought provoking rhymes.

StoneYardRebel wants to free us from oppression, from record contracts, from bad relationships, from just about any modern ‘slave’ system.  For all of their efforts and activism, I sincerely hope they capture a wider audience, although their “revolutionary” status may espouse controversial philosophies in the mainstream from time to time, as they release more material of this nature.

With an influx of commercial rap brainwashing and dominating the minds of our youth, the general audience may be missing out on a number of important messages, which thanks heavens are delivered by StoneYardRebel.

Their job seems to be to awaken the minds of the masses to the injustices of our system. And they also give you the opportunity to choose between two schools of thought – music that goes platinum or music that gives you some priceless ideas. If you opt for the second option, you’re on a home run here.

More than production, which is superb to start with, StoneYardRebel’s lyrical content dominates the track with a strong sense of truth, awareness, and emotion.

S-Kal and Germ Warfare are just trying to make a difference with their music. They realize that hip hop is a powerful musical medium, and rather than use it for pure fame like many of their contemporaries have, StoneYardRebel uses the music to educate and enlighten.

They are one of the few groups left in hip hop that articulates the urban struggle without mincing words. Right from the very first listen, the beat, the sung melody and choruses reveal the catchy mainstream concessions StoneYardRebel has locked inside its powerful underground attitude. It’s clear that “Freedom on Flames” Ft Skyzoo is drawing water from a deeper well.


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